I’m Unprofessional – Sorry About That Guys

Geek hysterically biting the keyboardI sat down to record a vlog around 10 am yesterday right after I got out of the shower. I knew it was going to be a busy day and if I didn’t do it then, I wasn’t going to have time. I wanted to update you on some things going on and talk about how I’ve been preparing for Tiffany’s blogging challenge. The thing is… right after I finished recording I remembered a job interview I went to years ago.

It was for a simple customer service job. I needed money and was willing to take whatever job I could find (like most of the unemployed). It didn’t seem like it would be a bad job because I like working with people. I just hate stocking shelves. I showed up and the interview felt like it was going really well. The interviewer seemed to like me, my schedule was open for whenever they needed me to work, and he liked that I enjoy working with people.

At the end of the interview he looked me right in the eyes and told me that even though he liked me, I probably wouldn’t be getting a call and he was sorry. He got up to walk away and I asked him why. He sighed and said he wasn’t really supposed to share the details, he was supposed to report to his boss who could pass them on, but he would tell me anyways.

“You’re unprofessional. You obviously want this job. You showed up her and made a good impression, but you couldn’t spare five minutes before the interview to put on a little make-up? I know make-up shouldn’t be grounds for hiring someone but it makes you look unprofessional and immature, like you aren’t prepared to be here.”

I was so taken aback. To this day I’ve only worn make-up maybe a dozen times. My mom never taught me how to put it on and I never felt the need to teach myself because it always seemed like a waste of money and time.

Back to today. I was sitting there after I finished recording with my wet hair and pajamas on. Am I really unprofessional like they said? Do things like this make me look immature to my readers?

You know what? I don’t think it matters (in this case). Just my luck though… I uploaded the video and then realized my mic wasn’t all of the way plugged in so the sound cuts in and out. That’s the third time that’s happened. I need to start doing a test video before I record for real. Lol.

So, what did I learn from all of this?

I’m me and that’s what I’m trying to showcase on my blog. I’m not going to go to an IRL meetup in my pajamas with wet hair, but you guys are busy online entrepreneurs too. You know what it’s like to stay up late working in your pajamas or need to get right to work after a quick shower. You squeeze in work everywhere you can, whether it’s answering an email while dinner is on the stove or catching up on blogs while you’re waiting in the car to pick up the kids. AND WE LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

Some may call it “unprofessional” but here at Adventures in Online Marketing I like to call it “honesty”. I’ll leave the hyper professionalism to other blogs if that’s all the same to you guys.

I’m joining in on Tiffany Dow’s blogging and list building challenge which means there are going to be tons of great new blog posts here and FREE gifts exclusively for my list all through the next month. If you want to be the first to know about new blog posts and have access to these free gifts, sign up today using the opt-in form across the bottom of the screen.

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  1. Wow, I can’t believe that! I think it’s pretty sexist too, but I won’t go off into a rant about that one. I am glad you didn’t let that get to you because it’s totally your choice whether to wear makeup or not!

    I was thinking about this yesterday, actually, and sometimes I think those bloggers with the professional photo shoots wearing suits actually kind of put me off. Firstly I don’t know why they need to wear suits when they’re entrepreneurs, and it kind of makes me think they’re being fake. And secondly, I like the fact that you can do really well online being “real” and seeing the real side of people.
    Ruth P recently posted..Fancy Growing Your List & Building Your Blog With Me?My Profile

    • Ya, it was very sexist and made me so angry. I agree about the super professional bloggers. Sometimes they just seem fake or I feel like they left the “work at home” attitude behind.

  2. Wow! That was actually discrimination. Men don’t wear makeup to interviews.

    I would say that I don’t do “polished” videos either. I don’t wear makeup. I don’t own any except for some lip balm. I’ve done videos in my pj’s and honestly if it matters that much to the person watching – then they are watching the wrong person.
    Minna Bryant recently posted..How To Be a Better WriterMy Profile

    • Ya, that’s what I said. They said that they expect men to show up in a button up shirt and slacks and that they wouldn’t hire anyone who showed up in a tshirt. Their loss. I found something much better working for myself!

      I’m bound to agree. I’m the type that wants to just be myself and enjoy what I do. I’m not going to dress up to do it because that’s not me.

  3. I get people looking at me that way because I’m overweight. Must mean I’m “lazy” or gluttenous. I’m a vegetarian who has a clean bill of health and I work up to 18 hours a day, do the shopping, take care of my kids – but yeah, I’m lazy.
    Tiffany Dow recently posted..Podcast Crusher Review Part 3My Profile

    • I hear you on that one! I’m overweight but I workout everyday. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 14. I run my own business online and put in more work hours per week than any of the people I went to school with. I’m the furthest thing from lazy. Judging by appearances gets you nowhere.

  4. Amanda,
    I think you being in your pajamas is just another way of solidifying to us “wannabes” that working from home for yourself has it’s perks. You don’t have to get dressed up nor do you have to follow anyone else’s rules. You call the shots and whoever doesn’t like it, can click off your blog (which we hope they won’t do).

    Part of being an online entrepreneur is having the ability to be free. Freedom is priceless! No one is making you do anything. You’re up early and go to bed late because it’s your desire to succeed. It’s not unprofessional in my opinion, it’s REAL!

    You being who you are is what draws us to you. That’s one of the things i like about Internet marketing, is that we all learn about each other, respect each other, take what we can and learn from each, all while supporting each other and driving each other forward. You won’t find that in any workplace, at least I never have.

    Girl do you! We wouldn’t have you any other way!
    Cynthia Dixon recently posted..When is the best time to submit my website to the search engines for indexingMy Profile

    • Part of working online is deciding how “professional” you want to be during your work day. Some days I get up and immediately get dressed in normal clothes. Other days I stay in my pajamas all day and work under a blanket on the couch. That’s what works for me. It may not work for everyone but it does for me and it’s too bad some people feel the need to get offended by that.

  5. This post made me want to give you a standing O. Makeup shouldn’t be a deciding factor for a job, but sadly it is. I’d rather see you with wet hair and pjs than not at all. Great job on the challenge day 1.
    Crystal Touchton recently posted..When Is It Ok To Quit?My Profile

  6. Wow, how rude! It’s probably a good thing you didn’t get that job. If they were that picky about you not wearing makeup, think of how they had been about every single aspect of your job. I don’t get it – if you had the skills and were able to do the job better than anyone else, lack of makeup shouldn’t have bothered them.

    I have never put makeup on myself, and I’ve only worn it a handful of times (prom, wedding, etc). I don’t care for it as my skin is too fair for most shades on the market. I wouldn’t think someone is unprofessional just because they choose not to spend money on cosmetics.

    A nice benefit of working from home is that you don’t have to get all dolled up in order to earn money!
    Kecia recently posted..How to Write an Effective About Me PageMy Profile

    • I didn’t wear makeup at all in high school outside of lip gloss. I think I wore eye shadow to dances. Sometimes I’ll put on makeup before I go to the casino with my mom because she’s really big on makeup but I don’t really get how a lot of it works and don’t care to figure it out. I’m glad the casino lighting is the way it is so no one has to see it! lol

  7. Amanda,
    I am so grateful that you posted this today. I’ve been so reluctant to do a vlog and when I finally do, I make it propped up on pillows, in my bed, no makeup, and yes, my sleep T-shirt (you couldn’t see the quilt pulled up around me) and all I could talk about was my health issues!

    After it was posted, I told myself, “You ninny!” But I received so much love from you all and that’s how we feel about you. All I can say is, “You were not supposed to work for bigots like that in the first place.”

    I, for one, am glad you are your own boss. If you’d gone to work for those narrow-minded people we all would have missed your writing. You have a talent that’s meant to be shared. You do have to do your own thing, and your readers reap the benefits. Thank you.

    • If you look at my vlogs you’ll notice one is outside, one is in the dining room, and the rest are from my bedroom in bed. It was partially because of the lighting and partially because I always work from the couch and when it gets late I tend to take my laptop into the bedroom and finish up last minute stuff before I go to sleep. That was normally when I vlogged.

  8. Ok Where is this Guy! I am going to smack him for you! What nerve! I went on many many interviews when I was young, didn’t get most of them. So I started my own business/ businesses/ many businesses! Love the blog and I in the challenge too, can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Oh and BTW. I am unprofessional as well. I live in stretchy jogging pants, I look at it and say, I think I can wear this one more day 🙂
    Michelle recently posted..Free Shipping? Should I or Shouldn’t I change to Free Shipping?My Profile

    • Lol! I have my “home clothes” and my “people outside of home are going to see me” clothes. When I’m at home I’m pretty much always in pajamas, sweatpants, yoga pants, or something like that. I figure I might as well be comfortable!

  9. Wow,

    That one really took me back. Apparently this clod wasn’t aware that comments like that can get his employer in hot legal water. Of course you know that you ended up on the clean end of that poop stick.

    So what exactly constitutes professional? I was a contractor setting up a new computer network at a restaurant. The cook staff did NOT wear hair or beard nets. The waitresses were just a tad too under-dressed for my tastes, but had plenty of makeup. I was grossed out.

    As for the work at home attire. Eh, sometimes I think I perform better when I get up and put on something besides the sweats. Can’t say I’ve made that my protocol yet. Thanks for sharing your story Amanda, Kater
    Kater recently posted..Business Booster PLR Article Pack (10)My Profile

    • Ya, some people work better if they get dressed normally before they sit down. It’s a mindset thing for some. I only had a few fast food jobs and a restaurant job before I started working online so it never really became a habit for me.

      And I know what you mean! It would be one thing if I showed up without brushing my hair or with stains on my shirt or something, but makeup doesn’t have anything to do with how professional I am.

  10. I’m actually allergic to make up! Guess it’s a good thing I work at home. Showing up for a job interview with watery red eyes and a sniffly nose probably wouldn’t increase ones’s odds of being hired either!

  11. Wow, Amanda…I don’t even know what to say to that one! I think you are so beautiful…just the way you are…and if you want to post a vlog straight from the shower, who cares?! At least we would know that you’re nice and clean! Lol!

    Thanks for sharing such a thought-provoking post that we can all relate to 🙂 Just remember to ALWAYS stay true to yourself and you’ll have more success than that jerk who didn’t hire you will EVER have!
    Stacy recently posted..Join Me in a Challenge!My Profile

    • Nothing like making a living doing what you love and not needing to worry about “social norms” while working. Let’s me focus on the work instead of what others think I “should” be doing.

  12. I couldn’t believe the guy had the nerve to make such a sexist comment. How dare he feel it necessary to praise you on the one hand, then slap you down in the next breath. Disgusting.

    You stay comfy at home in your home clothes and get those videos vlogs taped and uploaded. I got stuff I need to learn from you. Just remember to plug in the mic this time lol 🙂
    Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa recently posted..What Does My Blog Have To Offer You?My Profile

  13. Wow – I have to say that I’m really shocked and not much shocks me these days. How he could get away with making a judgement call like that is beyond me.
    Danielle McGaw recently posted..400 Days of Residual IncomeMy Profile

  14. What a sexist remark! The mere fact that he told you the reason, specifically after he said he was to report to the boss and not tell you – shows how UNPROFESSIONAL he was!

    He didn’t even do his job right, and worse yet, he didn’t keep his mouth shut! LOL
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..How to Create a Podcast Show, Part 1My Profile

  15. Oh yeah, let’s sing out for “unprofessional.” I don’t think I can count the number of days I’ve put in 14+ hours and fell into bed with those pjs on. Dammit, that’s one of the perks I like about this owning my own work-from-home business. So sing it darlin!

    As for the jerk (oops, did I just say that) … well, good luck to him. and you’re right, all things happen for a reason.

    To pjs, coffee and blankies with a laptop
    MamaRed recently posted..Mindset tip: to change your mood, think like a dog!My Profile

  16. Well, how unprofessional of HIM to make such a sexist comment! Weren’t you tempted to frown in puzzlement and say “But… it looks like you didn’t bother putting YOUR makeup on, either. Um… doesn’t your job require you to look professional…?”
    Marg recently posted..Blog Challenge – Build New or Re-vampMy Profile

    • LOL! I remember after that I went home and told my male roommate about it and he goes, “You could have asked and I would have shown you how to put it on.” He pulled out this giant bag of makeup. I guess even guys are wearing makeup more often now.

  17. Sounds like that boss wouldn’t be the greatest guy to work for. Labor board anyone?

    I remember when my daughter went to school in her PJ bottoms. I thought that was tacky. All her friends were doing it. It was okay back then. She’s in college now, and wears jeans.

    I like natural looks, and I don’t mind seeing you in PJ or wet hair. I think you act professional, and you are smart.

    I am shy to speak on vlogs. I’m more natural speaking in person. I am intelligent. I look at my gray hair, chubby checks and slow conversation. That’s what stinks about getting old. I’m 59. 🙂

    Amanda, you are just perfect the way you are! You are who you are, no one can change that. You are true to yourself that’s all that matters.
    Cheryl Chartier recently posted..Veterinarian Prescription Medication Treatment for CatsMy Profile

    • I used to go to my university classes in my PJs. lol Well, only the first one. I had a 7:30 am class and then classes at 1 pm and 2pm. I would go to my first class in my PJs and then go home and sleep until noon when I’d get up and shower before class.

      I’m really shy on video too. It was literally shaking when I started filming my first vlog. I’m not sure how I managed to do it!

  18. Wow – I wish professional was so easy to come by as putting make up on in the morning! I work in a “professional” office – accountants – and I’ve never been told that I need to wear it to be professional.

    I’ve got to admit, I like it when I see people who look “normal”, not all glammed up (not that there is anything wrong with that either, but choices, choices) – I think it does give the impression of “I am my own person, I don’t have to impress you” and I like that!
    Tamsin recently posted..Top Tips for Savings on Food and GroceriesMy Profile

    • I stopped trying to impress people early on. That’s probably mostly because I’m engaged to the guy I started dating when I was 15 so I didn’t even have to worry about impressing guys. Now my general attitude is, “If you like me, that’s awesome. If you don’t, that’s too bad for you.”

  19. Truth is they were the ones who were unprofessional in that interview situation. With the work at home community growing daily I think pajamas are the new pants suit 😉
    Loretta recently posted..Keyword Canine is My New Best FriendMy Profile

    • Things like pant suits are the reason I don’t ever want to be one of those “high powered” internet marketers that are always going to events and meetings. I’d rather be comfortable at home.

  20. I have learned the hard way not to take in negative BS that is said about me.

    I like the internet because I can work in a way that is comfortable to me….I am not a fancy dresser and absolutly hated wearing suits to work when I had to.

    Be who you are!

    Mary Kathan recently posted..How to Get Expert Interviews: Part 3My Profile

  21. I remember having a conversation with my Aunt shortly after mom died. I was 32. I told her I eventually wanted to teach and she told me that no one would hire me unless I started wearing makeup (I’d only worn it to dances in High School and hated it).

    I started wearing makeup at about 40, but I did it for ME and no one else. I wanted a bit of color and thankfully, had found BareMinerals or I’d probably just still be pale every day. It’s simple, basic, and takes me 5 minutes to get my face on…and it looks like I barely have any on!

    I know society has it’s expectations, but I have my own too and intend to follow what I feel’s right for me. Keep it up girl!
    Debi J recently posted..A Gift for the Blog Challenge ParticipantsMy Profile

    • I’ve tried a good mineral makeup and it is very easy to put on. I could never get the liquid foundation to work right but mineral makeup always goes on easily.

  22. The cheek of that company! I rarely put makeup on when I’m at home. I used to spend all day working in my PJs too but when the kids left home, I had to get dressed as it was embarrassing (to me) when people turned up at 3pm and I wasn’t ‘dressed’. I too have my ‘home’ clothes and my ‘going out’ ones.

  23. Hiya. So bunging on a bit of slap would have got you the job? Oh, please….how sexist is that. (For our non Londoners bunge on = to put on / slap = make up).
    As you said, I could have understood if you had turned up with stained, wrinkled clothes – that would have shown no interest. But make up?
    I personally am a make up girl. Wouldn’t go out without it. Not sure if I would even answer the door without it!! LOL. I might do a vblog with comfy clothes but definitely with make up!! LOL
    When I worked for an insurance company and we had to be “well dressed” I couldn’t wait to get home to put my “me” clothes on. Now, where I work, there isn’t really a dress code – in fact someone who does get dressed up, looks a bit out of place!
    The main thing is I put my slap on for me, and no one else. My daughter started wearing it when she wanted to although, I must confess, I did comment that she would look better with a bit of mascara. But, she wore it when she was ready to.
    You have to do / wear whatever makes you feel good and feeling good you work better, don’t you?

    Best wishes,
    Ann recently posted..How to do your own make over – Style by Jury style – Your faceMy Profile

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