Is Online Marketing Still an Adventure For You?

When I first started this blog I picked the name “Adventures in Online Marketing” because that’s honestly how I feel about what I do.

I got into internet marketing completely by accident. I was no longer in university and I had recently quit my job at *shudder* Dairy Queen. I was tired of bosses who ignored my back problems because they knew I needed the job. I also wasn’t a fan of having to ask to use the restroom (and even having them say no sometimes). I didn’t mind serving people, I just hated feeling belittled by my supervisors and coworkers.

My fiance always wanted me to be able to stay at home while he worked so we decided to try that. Our rent wasn’t very high so we were doing okay financially. That didn’t last long. His hours started getting cut but he said he didn’t want me to go back to work. Instead I took to the internet in secret. I did the surveys for cash and other things like that where I made a grand total of $20 after a full month.

In my searches I found this blog for work at home moms. I read a bit and opted in for their free report. In that report in mentioned the Warrior Forum where I found out how many different options there really were. That’s where my adventure really started!


In case you’re wondering, this is how I feel when I sit down to work for the day.

It was like a whole new world opened up before my eyes. There were so many things to learn and try… so many possibilities to choose from!

There are so many perks to working online but the biggest for me is that everyday of my life feels like an adventure. I’m dodging and weaving through the spam and scams to find the good stuff… the stuff that works. I dig deep and figure out how to make things work or work better. Everyday I learn something new that I can apply to my business or life.

I talk to a lot of marketers who get frustrated or even worse – lose sight of that sense of adventure in the pursuit of a few dollar bills.

Do you still have that sense of adventure? If not, do you want to get it back?

Tomorrow i’ll be writing up a list of tips to help you get that sense of adventure back if you happen to be one of those who have lost it.

A big thanks to Katie for inspiring me to write this in her blog post yesterday.

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  1. I either feel that or like Rocky! LOL It IS a neat adventure – I love learning and yes, like you I HATED having a boss. Ask to go to the restroom. PUHLEASE! Grr. Don’t you wish you knew where those people were so you could stroll in whenever most people are working and order something relaxing and rub it in their face?
    Tiffany Dow recently posted..The Freaking Fantastic Blog and List Building Challenge Day 2My Profile

    • A few months ago I took my laptop to that same Dairy Queen (and the McDonald’s I worked at another day to catch up with an old coworker) and just worked from there sipping on a milkshake. My old superior (who was still “training crew” after all these years) came over and made a joke asking why I was there when normal people were working. For some reason she assumed that being there at 3pm meant I wasn’t working? She happened to walk over and make that joke while I was sending a PayPal transfer and saw my balance and split soda everywhere.

      I don’t like to brag about the money I make but that reaction sure made me feel better since she was the one that always told me no when I asked to go to the bathroom! lol

  2. I like the idea that working online is an adventure. It certainly is for me because I am always discovering new things, whether its a blogger I have never read before or a neat little thing that I can do to enhance my own blog.

    I say – enjoy the adventure, where ever it may take you. 🙂
    Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa recently posted..How To Make Money With PLRMy Profile

    • Ya, that feeling of discovery is really fun. I love finding a cool plugin that will be perfect for my blog or reading a post and realizing their personality fits perfectly with mine.

  3. That’s exactly it, Amanda. An adventure. In spite of the occasional frustrations, this job is fun. You never know what your work day will bring you.
    Katie S recently posted..How To Use Twitter For TrafficMy Profile

  4. Yes, I have it! Along with butterflies (a good thing) and a desire to not have to sleep… EVER! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what else you share in the way of improving that too….although then I may NOT get any sleep!

    I’ve seen some folks lose that sense of adventure and excitement when they don’t make money as fast as “those” people led them to believe they could, and it’s just so sad to watch someone give up on the hopes and dreams that led them this directions to begin with.
    Debi J recently posted..Why Getting Personal is ImportantMy Profile

    • The two main types of people I see lose their sense of adventure are:

      1. People who need money but aren’t making it as fast as they think they should.
      2. People who have found a way to make money and turn working from home into a grind… doing the same tasks over and over again to make money but not enjoying it anymore because they aren’t working to improve their business, just keep it going the way it is now.

  5. I think this could apply to any type of work and not just internet marketing! Work can so easily become a drudge.

    I find it hard to believe that people/bosses/employers don’t see more of the benefits of employees working from home ………
    Tamsin recently posted..Falling By The Wayside ….My Profile

    • That’s so true! When you’re unhappy you’re not as effective. There is a reason fast food workers are seen as slackers at work. In an environment like that you feel no reason to put forth the effort your bosses want. If there is a way to cut a corner, they take it because there is no pride or enjoyment in the job. I know I wasn’t a model employee at Dairy Queen.

  6. I love the idea of looking at it as an adventure. I have to say, it’s been an adventure for me. Sometimes I lose the sense of adventure, but something can spark it up again (like the blogging challenge).

    I liked hearing about how you got into IM. For me, after finishing university, I couldn’t get a job. I tried to get a job anywhere – either I didn’t have enough experience, or I was overqualified for jobs in shops etc because I had a degree! That hurt. But it was an adventure crafting my own income, which ended up having nothing to do with my philosophy and history degree lol.

    It also opened me up to so many ideas about life, which is why I travelled all year last year. I am so proud of that, because I remember a few years ago saying I would never be able to do that. I love how a simple thing like doing that first freelance job from a forum ad opened me up to new possibilities, and it still does. Also the idea of being able to stay and home, but still earn, is so important to me!
    Ruth P recently posted..15 Freebie Ideas To Send To Your ListMy Profile

    • It was a freelance writing job from an ad on the WF that made me realize I could make real money online. From there I knew I’d never want to do anything else. I still tinker with my grown up chemistry set from time to time though. :p

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