Is Working Online a Stepping Stone or the End Game? [VIDEO]

I’m at my dad’s house for his 50th birthday and decided to record a vlog. I tried to get him to come over and say hi but he wouldn’t do it.

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While I’ve been here for the birthday celebration (his birthday is actually the 10th) I’ve been thinking a lot. I turn 26 on the 14th and my family keeps asking me what I’ll be doing when I turn 50. I said I hope I’m doing what I’m doing now. I just hope I’m better at it, more successful, and helping more people.

I love working online. It’s hard but I get to do something totally different than my friends and family. I’m forging my own path and that feels fantastic. On top of it I’m helping people. Every email I get from someone telling me I helped them in some way feels fantastic.

Most people I know answer the question about what they’ll be doing when they’re 50 is “anything but this” or “I’ll be retired” or “I”ll finally have a career.” Ideally I’ll still be working online, blogging, and connecting with people. I’ll be running my successful little online business.

I hope I’ll be able to hire a few VAs to do some stuff but I like being in control of my business so I don’t think I could ever step down and let someone run it.

What do you think? Will you still be working online in 10, 15, or 20 years? Is this a stepping stone to something greater or have you reached (basically) what you plan to be doing forever?

Some people think that I should aspire for more than this, but if I’m happy why should I?

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  1. I am 61 years old. For most of my life there was no such thing as the Internet. Then, after there was the Internet, there was no such thing as blogs. Yet, I now interact daily through my blog with people from all over the world – not as a business owner, but as something I do outside of work. Who would have thought? I would say – do what you love. Fifteen years from now you may be doing the same thing – or technology would have given you new options you have no way to dream of now. That’s what the future is all about!
    Alana recently posted..Civil War Sunday – Does Anyone Know What Time it Is?My Profile

    • That’s very true! I love technology and I guess what I really hope for is that when I turn 50 I’ll still be working from home and teaching other people to help them find success. I might not still be teaching blogging at that point, who knows. I just know I love the freedom of working from home and the satisfaction get from helping people.

  2. Amanda,

    It’s so good to see you again via video! It’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it? If you felt nervous doing this video, it didn’t show!

    Personally, I wouldn’t worry what your family thinks. I have a daughter, who I recently started talking to again after 10 years, who doesn’t believe what I do online is very important.

    I say this because every time she comes here, she makes remarks about me not having to work and that I should walk away because she’s more important. That may be true, but she also doesn’t understand how important it is to me to help others.

    I get a satisfaction that I can’t describe to her in a way that it would change her mind, so I don’t try to. I hope to be alive and kicking in the next 20 years and STILL doing what I do now. šŸ™‚
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Video Blogging Challenge – Day #5My Profile

    • Ya, most of my family thinks I just sit on Facebook. I talk about freedom so they tell me to drop what I’m doing and do whatever they want. I try to explain that while I CAN do that, it’s not in the best interest of my business to be doing that very often. Sure, every once and a while I can drop everything and go somewhere for a few days but I do need to plan ahead to make sure I can do the extra work when I get back.

      I’ve just decided to not talk to them about work outside of big things they might understand, like when I publish a book on Kindle. That’s at least something they can understand.

  3. Yes I think I will still be working online in 10 years, probably a whole lot more. When I’m fifty? Well why not
    Linda recently posted..My Callling ā€“ Because this is what Iā€™m made ofMy Profile

  4. I think I could see myself still working online in many years from now. On my next birthday I will be 40 so I have had plenty of careers in my life but I can’t say I’ve ever really “loved” any of them. Working online has been the one thing I’ve done that I actually have a passion for and I can honestly tell people I love doing it. Sure the financial rewards are still building, but the freedom I know it will give me one day when I retire from my regular job is what I really see in my future.

    Good luck to you Amanda!
    Misty Spears recently posted..Niche Site Revealed: A Deeper Look Into My Latest Niche ProjectMy Profile

    • That’s it exactly. My birthday is coming up and I plan to take off and spend a week in Olympia. You can’t just decide that last minute with a normal job but I can and I’ll still be able to work while I’m there but I can also relax knowing I can make up for it when I get home.

  5. Lovely to “see” you again Amanda šŸ™‚

    If online is working for you and you love what you do – why change? My family don’t have a clue what I do either šŸ™‚
    Jan Kearney recently posted..Video Blogging Challenge Day 5My Profile

    • That’s what I tried to tell them… if I’m happy and making enough money to get by working online, why would I do anything different? I’ve never understood why people would sacrifice happiness for more money or a higher “position” if they’re making enough money as is.

  6. Nice to hear from you Amanda and Happy Birthday! I believe you’re very wise to think there is more value in choosing to enjoy a lifestyle that’s providing you with enough income and also constant opportunities for learning.

    Fran Civile recently posted..Best Fast Loading WordPress Theme You Should Be Using – JVZoo Product Of The DayMy Profile

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