July Blogging Challenge, Using JVZoo, and Not Vlogging

updatesWhat a stressful night! Fireworks were going off all night and my poor kitties wouldn’t quit shaking. I feel so bad for them! I’m keeping the music on for them to drown out the sound but some of the louder ones still frighten them. I’m going to see the vet today about it. I guess it’s pretty common to pick up mild sedatives for your pets around this time of year. I don’t want to give them pills but on the 4th it might be the only option. The fear can’t be good for their little hearts.

I was deciding what I wanted to blog about today and I realized that since I haven’t been vlogging I haven’t really been updating you guys on what’s going on with my projects. I’ve been making good progress across the board which I’m pretty happy about.

PLR Content Market

The one place in my business that has me stressed out is my PLR store, PLR Content Market. All of a sudden I’m having some visual issues with it. My front page thumbnails are disappearing or stretched and on my single product pages have my sidebar under the post instead of on the side. It’s incredibly frustrating and I’m thinking it may have something to do with some custom PHP I had done to make the theme support e-junkie. Everything is still functional, it’s just not as pretty.

Well, the one thing this is showing me is that I need to move forward with my PLR store revamp. I plan to change my affiliate program to something easier for my affiliates to use. I liked E-Junkie but once you hit a certain number of products it’s just not as easy for affiliates to use.

I’m looking into Woocommerce or WordPress E-Commerce with the affiliate add-on. WordPress E-Commerce would be easier overall because I can use the unedited version of my theme with WP E-Commerce but I’m still doing some reading before I decide. If you’ve used either of these I’d love to hear from you!

First JVZoo Listing

In the meantime I decided that I want to release a PLR mega pack about the upcoming video game consoles. You guys know I’m an avid gamer (I spent the all weekend beta testing Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn and it was beautiful by the way) so I figured I’d put my knowledge to use and create a PLR pack on the Xbox One and Playstation 4. I have high hopes since these two consoles will be this year’s most wanted Christmas presents.

All in all JVZoo was super easy to use. You fill out some boxes and it gives you your buy button. The hard part was setting up the sales page. I used Profits Theme for that and it wasn’t too bad, I just really don’t enjoy writing sales copy.

Tomorrow I plan on posting a little tutorial showing you how to list products on JVZoo for those of you thinking of setting up your info products ther. Keep an eye out!

If you’re interested in promoting my new PLR pack as an affiliate click here to request affiliate status. If it’s before 8AM PST the product won’t be available for sale but you can still request to be an affiliate. If you’re looking to buy the pack, I’ll post up a link to that once it’s live.

Blender Review Website

I haven’t finished writing my 2nd review but I’m soooo happy with the progress! As of today I’ve sold EIGHT blenders. Five were the one I reviewed, one was a cheaper model, and two were high powered Vitamix blenders I mention in a blog post there.

I’m going to post up a 2nd review and another blog post this week. I’m slowly growing this site since it’s a side project but if I’m already making sales I know I’m going in the right direction. Most of my traffic is going to the blog post about making powdered sugar. It’s gotten repins on Pinterest and all of that good stuff. I’m also getting hits to my review.

Since a lot of you have asked, I didn’t do any keyword research for this site. I picked something I care about and went with it. Someone asked me why I’d pick blenders. Who can be passionate about blenders? Well, it’s not so much that I’m passionate about blenders. I’m passionate about health as well as cooking. Blenders are part of that. I’ve gone through so many trying to find one that won’t burn out from daily smoothie making!


This is one I get a lot of emails about. I haven’t been writing new lenses over on Squidoo because I’ve been so focused on my other projects but this week I’ll be writing a handful of Halloween themed lenses. Honestly, I haven’tย needed to work on my lenses. They’re still getting traffic and making sales.

Traffic is down from what it used to be but I’m still making enough sales for it to be worthwhile. With the changes I do urge people who solely use Squidoo to get into making their own blog. I would suggest having a blog of your own and using Squidoo to write about topics that don’t fit on your blog. For example, you could make a cooking blog to share recipes and review small kitchen appliances but still write on Squidoo when you want to write about gardening. That’s (in my opinion) the best way to use Squidoo.

I’ll be sure to share my new lenses when I make them. I plan on working on Halloween for a week or two and then focusing on toys and Christmas.


I’ve been super inactive on Bubblews but my bank is slowly ticking up. I’ll be putting in for my first payout in the next few days whether I write on there or not. I’ll let you know how that goes. The real test is seeing how long it takes to get my payment.

I do have a friend who has gotten three or four payouts now. I’ve also been chatting with someone over on Facebook who gets a payout everyday just by writing their 10 short posts a day.

My First Info Product

I mentioned in my review of The Product Creation Puzzle that I had a rough draft of a product ready. Well, my product is on the last phase of editing and the graphics are ordered! Expect to see it within the week if the designer sticks to the schedule!

It’s a guide to writing Amazon review articles that convert and bring in traffic. I’ve been writing them for years and my clients have always boasted saying that the reviews I write bring in better conversions than those of other writers they hire. My review site really boosted my confidence in this area since I’m making sales with so few hits to the review.

I’ll keep you updated as I prepare the product. I know a lot of you are wondering about the partย afterย writing such as setting up the sales page.

No Vlogs

I miss vlogging so much! I’m sure a lot of you remember I mentioned needing to move. Well, until we find a new place (lots of drama and dumb stuff happened) I’m in a travel trailer. It’s small and cramped. It doesn’t really leave me in the mood to vlog, plus there isn’t much room for privacy. I may go outside and vlog if it cools down but no one wants to see me outside sweating in 95 degree weather. lol

Blogging Challenge

I’m joining another round of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. That means daily blogging this month. Get ready for it! If you’re interested in signing up, you can do that here.

Well, that’s it in the world of Amanda!

What projects are you focusing on right now?

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  1. You have a lot on your plate! Good luck with the blogging challenge and I hope you can get outside to vlog!!

  2. Wow, Amanda, you sure accomplish a LOT! Good for you.

    I hope you’re holding up well in the heat. It seems that summer has come on with a vengeance. I live in New England, so we think anything over 80 is “really hot”, ha ha.
    Becky recently posted..Toys PLR ArticlesMy Profile

  3. Looks like you know where your heading with your business and it’s all looking good.

    One thing I just HAVE to ask. You mention beta testing the Final Fantasy game. Do you actually mean beta testing for the company before the release? And how do you get a job like that? Totally interested in the story behind that one ๐Ÿ™‚

    Leslie Bogaerts recently posted..Three Easy Steps For A WordPress Theme ReviewMy Profile

    • Yes, beta testing is testing before the release. I’ve done this for a few games. It’s not usually a paid thing for the big games. This one I applied and got in because I’ve been playing their games for 12 years. There have been other times that I got contacted through my video game blog. One time I even had a video game review published in a magazine!

  4. Congratulations on all that you’ve been achieving. I’m still blogging daily and catching up on other things. I’m doing my own product as part of Tiff’s and Bonnie’s challenge and I’m enjoying it.

    I love our blender, we got it almost 18 months ago. It’s a slow blender (an Aussie brand) with an auger that crushes everything rather than cutting it up finely. We have smoothies around once/week and fruit/veg/greens drinks most other days. I’ve really noticed the health benefits.
    Kathy Robinson recently posted..Branding And NetworkingMy Profile

    • Blogging daily is tough but I’m in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge this month so I will! I’m glad you’re enjoying the challenge, it got me started really planning a launch but The Product Creation Puzzle gave me the confidence to really write.

      Those are the best kind for green smoothies! Otherwise you just get sliced up leaves.

  5. I’ve been at bubblews for about 6 weeks now and am working on my 4th redemption. I’ve gotten my payment within 7 days (to paypal) every time.

    It’s a little like a mine field right now because they haven’t been clear about their rules and are having to clear out the junk from the lack of clarity, but there’s a pretty good community there for sure.

    • Awesome! Ya, I’m double checking my pages to make sure I didn’t mess up. The rule about advertising your stuff had me confused. Before I had been linking to my blog posts but I removed the links now.

  6. Really? This is ALL you’re doing? So, when are you going to just stop sleeping altogether and add at least 3 more things!? ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m not sure how you get it all done girl but sounds like you’re on a roll… keep it up!!

    The product you’re creating sounds great. I know a lot of folks who do that sort of marketing and increased conversions is ALWAYS a good thing!! Can’t wait to see what happens when it’s done!

    I am sorry you haven’t been able to vlog, but I think even a trip to the mall and a quick 3 minutes in the a/c could be good too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lol! I always have a lot on my plate and I like it that way. I’m happy when I can finish my tasks for the day and still have a little time to turn on the Playstation.

  7. Have you considered using DL Guard? I’ve looked into it but it is a bit on the high end for someone brand new to IM.

    • I’ve looked into it. I’ve can spend a few hundred dollars on a good solution, that’s not a problem, I know I’ll make it back. I’ve been hearing bad things about their support lately though.

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