Never Used PLR? Here Are Some Tutorials to Get You Started

I’m a big advocate of PLR. It’s gotten a bad name, but like any tool it’s all about how you use it. Some people like to take crappy PLR and spam the internet with it. That’s not going to get you anywhere. It takes a bit more work than that.

I own a PLR store called PLR Content Market where I sell PLR articles and reports I’ve written personally. (It’s all about $1 per page article.) I also use PLR all over in my business. I use it for ideas, research, to help me put together reports, and all kinds of other things.

I’ve decided to compile a short list of resources that may help you out. A few are my own blog posts and some are from other blogs. Take a look and I’m sure you’ll learn something awesome.

  • How to Rewrite PLR – A Walk-Through – This is a tutorial I wrote that takes you step-by-step through me rewriting a PLR article. You get to see the starting article and the ending article. 
  • How to Make Money with Holiday PLR – I wrote this around Christmas time and it’s a list of ways to make use of the types of PLR that come out around Christmas. You generally see a lot of toy PLR and holiday PLR and there are so many ways to make use of it.
  • Using PLR on Squidoo – I don’t go into a lot of detail her. This is an old vlog from when I was doing a vlogging challenge. I do show you a lens I made by turning PLR articles into a unique lens that made me a lot of sales through Christmas. I’ll write a full tutorial on this later but I wanted you to see that it can be done.
  • How to Use PLR Articles to Create Videos – Video is powerful and you can use PLR to your advantage. My favorite way is to use PLR to create an outline of talking points for a vlog but there are other ways you can use PLR to create videos.
  • Repurposing PLR: How to Create Worksheets from Articles – This is a newer tutorial written by an awesome PLR seller and is well worth checking out. Worksheets are great for list freebies or bonuses for your products and who doesn’t want to save time creating them?

That’s it for now. Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in more PLR tutorials and tips and check out PLR Content Market if you’re looking for some PLR content!

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  1. Amanda!

    it seems like such a long time since I’ve stopped by – so sorry for that! The blog is keeping me busy. I really have no excuse except time does get away from me. Here I am at 2AM in the morning, when I should be sleeping. Just trying to catch up with old friends.

    I miss talking to you. You used to come to the blog so often and now I barely see you. 🙁 I realize you’re busy though…

    I LOVE PLR! 🙂 Though I haven’t really used any of it in such a long time. I like the idea of writing off the top of my head, but I did open up 2 of your links above and will read them tomorrow after I get out of bed. 🙂

    For now, I’m hitting the sack!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..How to Combine Multiple G-mail AccountsMy Profile

    • I was blogging every day for a while and then I took a day off for my birthday and got super inspired. I’ve been writing a fiction book! Fiction is one of those things where if I don’t get it out while I’m inspired, it doesn’t get out there so I just don’t stop writing until I’ve got all of my thoughts down. It’s been almost 6 years since I’ve been inspired enough to write fiction so it’s really exciting.

      I haven’t been checking out blogs as often as I used to. I have all of the challenge blogs bookmarked. I should go and read some later this evening!

      I mostly use PLR on my niche sites or research. When it’s my big niche, like online marketing, it’s much easier to just write from the top of my head. On my video game site I’ve been buying PLR about accessories to help get me started though. I can write about video game ethics, games I’m playing, and stuff like that no problem but when I write about things like headsets it helps to have the extra resources to get me started.

  2. I’m a hoarder of plr. I used to belong to a site where I could (and did) download whatever I wanted. And I have most of Tiff’s work too. I often use them as idea starters or rewrite them for content on other sites I have. I’ve also opened some more tabs from your links so will check them out too.
    Kathy Robinson recently posted..Branding – What To Do and WhenMy Profile

  3. Hey Amanda

    I mainly use Dog PLR (I git yours….always looking for more).

    I made a give-away for list building with it – but I mainly use it for ideas and sometimes for a basic structure…then I write my own from that. It really helps with writers block (or as I call it – idea block).

    Mary Kathan
    Mary Kathan recently posted..Vlog Update: RaffleCopter, eBook Cover Resource, and Free Kindle Book PromoMy Profile

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