Passion or Profit

When people come to me asking for where to get started in online marketing, one of the first things we talk about is finding a niche.  After all, how can we talk about monetization or anything like that before we know what market you are going after?

About 50% have no idea. Around 30% of these people say something like “dating” or “weight loss.” The last 20% usually talk to me about something they are interested in like knitting or kids with ADHD.

No matter what the answer they always seem to have the same question… “Shouldn’t I be picking a really profitable niche?” I always respond the same way… “It doesn’t matter how profitable a niche is if you can’t garner up enough interest and passion.”

For example… dog training is a huge niche that you hear about all the time. I’m sure there are tons of people out there that could do great in it but I’m not one of them. I don’t even HAVE a dog. I may do okay for the first few weeks but what happens when I run out of ideas for content? It doesn’t inspire me.

If you were to change that to cat training it would be a whole different story. I have personal tidbits and stories to share. I have insight into the niche and the type of people that would be visiting my site. My content would actually be engaging and full of useful information.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go for a profitable niche, but think about it this way…

If you are looking up on how to get rid of your acne who are you going to listen to? The one who is giving you some good information or the one who is giving you good information in a way that makes you realize they have been where you are?

Another issue… how long are you going to stay motivated when it comes to creating content or promoting your site if it isn’t something you can get excited about?

Of course, this is all just me talking to myself. I want to know what you think!

In the comments below:

What is more important? Passion or profit? How do you choose?

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  1. I would have to say passion. I’ve tried a few things online over the past year, a lot of which were purely driven by financial motives. Needless to say I didn’t stick at them for too long.

    As of now I’m working on a project that I love love love. Having said that I still get days where I struggle with my motivation. But through all my bouts of procrastination, I can safely say I’m doing something that brings me so much joy and something that I firmly believe in. The momentary blimps don’t even last long and I find that I bounce back with even more enthusiasm and energy to get things moving.

    Being passionate about what you do certainly helps get you through the rough times.

    PS. I’m liking the new look to your blog!

    ~ Mena
    Mena Jo recently posted..Law of Attraction PLR Bundle PackMy Profile

  2. Totally agree. I think going after profit – or what I thought was profit – was my biggest mistake! You’re so right about what people would prefer to read. I know it because I prefer to read from personal experience too. I am only writing about things I’m passionate about now, and it’s much more fun and rewarding. Plus, it means I build relationships with likeminded people, which wouldn’t happen in random niches that I don’t have passion for.
    Ruth P recently posted..The Secret To Social MediaMy Profile

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