Product Creation Experts – Interview With Jon Mac (Product Creation Puzzle – WSO of the Day 6/19/2013)

cover2You probably remember I reviewed Product Creation Puzzle a while back and totally LOVED it. Jon not only put together an awesome product but it’s about product creation and he showed me he knows what he’s talking about. It even made WSO of the Day! He seemed like the perfect person to interview.

So, here we go!

Q. Your guide to product creation, The Product Creation Puzzle, has been a huge hit. It even was made WSO of the Day! Did you expect that kind of success when you were writing your guide?

I don’t know if I really expected it…but I was certainly hoping for it! The first day it was live it made about 10 sales. I was pretty happy with that and figured I could expect the same for the next few days…but then the next day it made over 100 sales and then I was REALLY happy! I had to celebrate and get a pizza lol.

Oh, and I should add that I did send a message to Mike Lantz asking him to take a look at my report and consider it for WSO of the day. I’m not even sure if he saw my message or not since I didn’t get a response, but it definitely didn’t hurt!

 Q. You mentioned you had products out there in other niches. How are you driving traffic to your offers? Do you blog?

Yes I do have blog type sites for other niches, and my traffic comes from SEO and a little from youtube. And I’m tired of SEO! At least the kind where you have to pay attention to keyword density, backlinks, and all that stuff. Bleh! I’ve been trying a different way though and it seems to be producing decent results. Just add valuable content on a weekly basis without worrying about backlinks or anything else, and the search engines will throw traffic your way…not a ton at first, but keep on adding useful content and it builds up over time. Of course this isn’t a fast traffic method, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort for long term results, it can be worth it.

That being said, I don’t recommend relying on only SEO for traffic…I’ve learned the hard way from Google’s infamous algorithm updates, and I’m currently looking into other traffic sources.

Q. At what point did you decide to write a report about product creation? When did you feel like you had enough experience?

Well that idea got in my head because I’ve been wanting to get my feet wet in the IM niche for the past year or so. My experience is in SEO and content creation…and like I said, I’m tired of SEO and trying to move away from it, so a report about content/product creation was the logical choice. Probably a year ago is when I started feeling experienced enough to teach content creation. It just sat in the back of my mind though up until May this year.

The thing that made me decide to finally buckle down and write it was when I read another report on product creation. I won’t say what it was, but wow…it was terrible! I read through it just shaking my head because it was obvious the guy didn’t know much about creating quality info products and just rewrote that report from some generic PLR. I figured if this guy was making money writing about product creation, then I definitely needed to write my own report!

Q. I loved your sales copy for this report. It wasn’t over the top but hit all of the emotional triggers of someone struggling to create their first product. Can you give us a few pointers for writing out own sales copy?

Thanks! It really wasn’t too hard to come up with the emotional triggers because they’re the same things I thought about when I first started creating content and products. This is where having a passion for your niche comes in handy. Generally, the more involved you are with the thing you’re selling, the easier it’ll be to get in the mind of your audience and target those emotional hot spots that get them interested.

Yeah I didn’t want to sound too over the top because a lot of us are desensitized to the really long, super hypey sales letters. For me at least, it’s gotten to the point where I never read all of the sales copy for products online anymore, I usually just skim through to the lines that stand out and read any bullet points. So yeah that would be a good tip if you’re in the IM niche, don’t make your copy too long. I think longer copy is fine in other niches though because they’re not as used to all the hype like we are. Whatever niche you’re in though, remember that bullet points are your best friend!

I’d also recommend avoiding any unrealistic promises. I know a lot of product creation WSO’s say you can make your product in a day, but I didn’t feel comfortable saying that because I don’t even do that myself. I know people that CAN do that, but I sure don’t! Maybe in a future product I’ll try to time myself, but so far I just haven’t been inclined to try and write one in less than a day. I like taking lots of breaks and I have ADD, so I get super distracted lol. So yeah, be honest with yourself, and more importantly, be honest with your audience, and they’ll appreciate it.

Q. If you could give one tip to up and coming product creators, what would it be?

Like the Nike commercial says….just do it! The longer you sit and think about something without taking action, the more time you have to talk yourself out of doing it. Before I created my first product, I was intimidated, I doubted myself, and I wondered if people would think my writing was crap. But I forced myself to be positive and just made myself do it, and when I made those first sales it really charged up my self confidence and opened my eyes to the possibilities of this whole internet marketing thing.

If you’ve never created a product, I highly recommend starting on one ASAP. Even if you don’t sell it and just give it away, just having your first product finished does wonders for your self confidence. You won’t be just a daydreamer anymore, you’ll have the right to call yourself a product creator… and more importantly, an action taker. It feels pretty good!

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions Jon!

Click here to check out Product Creation Puzzle for yourself. It’s an amazing product. The biggest issue for me (besides picking a topic) was actually figuring out what to write and how to put my knowledge into words and he really helps with it.

If you have any questions for Jon, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to send the link his way!

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  1. I just love stumbling across a new product that I can relate to.
    Tracie B. recently posted..Starting Her Out RightMy Profile

  2. Great interview! I don’t care for SEO myself. I feel like it depersonalizes articles many times. Thanks!
    Cheryl Foss McDaniel recently posted..(UBC 13) 8 Tips To Staying Positive In A Negative WorldMy Profile

  3. I liked this guy when I read through his book (I did buy it) and even more now that I’ve read your review. He’s very down to earth, honest, and transparent.

    All good qualities for any marketer to have. 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..90 Day Product Creation Challenge, Day 55My Profile

    • I loved his book! He’s a really nice guy and you can really tell he wants to help people be successful. He hasn’t let anything go to his head. I keep hoping he’ll start a blog or something. lol

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