Reader Questions: What’s the Best Guide for Making Money on Zujava?

Sign up for Simple online publishing.I’ve gotten a few emails asking for more info about Zujava since I mentioned it in a few vlogs and recent posts. I’m going to answer some of the most common questions I got as well as tell you about the best guide I’ve found to help you make money over there.

What is Zujava?

Zujava is a writing platform a lot like Squidoo. It’s 100% free and you write articles called “leaves” to earn money. The modules used to build pages are also a lot like Squidoo.

What is the difference between Zujava and Squidoo?

Well, one big difference is the domain. Being able to write from both sites allows you to gain backlinks from both sites if you are writing on these platforms for traffic. Another big difference is the tier payments. Both sites pool all of the adsense earnings and half of it is split between writers. On Squidoo it’s split between the top lenses giving around $50 to the top 1000 lenses and $.50 to $10 to other top lenses. The thing is, it’s hard to even get into tier 2.

On Zujava the adsense pool is split between EVERYONE and tiers are based on percentage. That means the tiers will grow to allow more people in tier one as the site grows. It also means every leaf is going to make you money, even if it’s much right now. As the site and traffic grows, so will the tier payments.

The biggest difference is quality control. Zujava puts you in something called the “Petting Zu” when you join. Here you write three leaves and they are checked for quality. They look for grammar errors, copied content, or anything breaking the rules. Your pages won’t go live until they approved. While this can be annoying while you wait, because the wait is sometimes pretty long, it means the entire site is full of higher quality pages which is going to get it a lot of Google love as the site grows.

Should I use both Squidoo and Zujava or pick one?

I use both. My favorite thing to do is create a Squidoo lens on a hot topic and write a Zujava leaf on a more niche topic and link them together. Here is an example.

One Direction Gifts
One Direction Stocking Stuffers

I get people going to both and making their way to the other if they didn’t find what they needed. You could also create two on the same topic but from different slants or covering different information. What’s better than being number one on Google? Being number one AND two!

Is there a guide to making money with Zujava?

While no one has written a guide for Zujava specifically, there is a guide I’d highly recommend. It was written for Squidoo but it’s absolutely perfect.

Guides like Squid Pro Quo won’t really work because the coding doesn’t work well on Zujava and Zujava likes more content than you’ll normally see on Squid Pro Quo lenses. That’s why I’d recommend Tiffany Dow’s Squidoo Quick Commission Guide.

This guide is about creating lenses to promote Amazon products, but by thinking about consumers. It teaches you to create content filled lenses that are awesome.

You can read my review of the product over on SquidsPro.

Do you use Zujava? Do you have any other Zujava questions you’d like me to answer? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I’ve actually been using Zujava longer than Squidoo. I do quite like them. And the same rules on Squidoo would apply pretty much. But, because Zujava can earn no matter what “tier” you are in I’m thinking that I might try something like this. Write informational topic on Zujava – long, detailed, etc – and then sub-topic/product focused on Squidoo. What do you think?
    Danielle recently posted..Ways for Stay at Home Moms to Make Money on the ComputerMy Profile

  2. Hi Amanda

    I just got signed up for Zujava – hope they accept my 3 leaves!

    I used Tiffany’s guide at Squidoo and it paid for itself within a week or two. Very good guide.
    Mary Kathan recently posted..Yes, You Can Take Great Dog Photos!My Profile

  3. A new blogging platform to try out! looking forward to setting up my account and joining in with this one.
    stephen recently posted..Polish hospitality – a table fit for kingsMy Profile

  4. Amanda,
    Does Zujava allow the use of YouTube videos? I can’t tell from reading several articles on the site.
    PS–I write articles on Hub Pages–using Texas Vacations as my name.

  5. I only recently heard about Zujava and intend to take a closer look one of these days. Been around Squidoo for a long time though, with all the changes they’ve done – and not all of them I feel very excited about. I enjoy putting together content/image rich content more than anything, that’s why…
    Daria recently posted..The meaning of the word blissfulMy Profile

  6. Woow! Already WAY AHEAD here, Amanda! Time for me to look at Zujava!! I like rich pages so that might be a good fit! ::)

  7. Amanda, I signed up for Zujava after you started the challenge. Then, I haven’t been back. It was about that time that I got sick, doctors saw me coming with my Medicare card, and I’ve just let it slide.

    I haven’t forgotten, though. I’m simply trying to focus now on getting some of these other things done, one at a time. I’ve been so scattered in my methods that nothing has gotten finished. Not the way to go!
    Ruth Clark recently posted..The Third Edition of The Fantastic Blogs Newsletter Is HereMy Profile

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