Review of Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome – Part 1

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Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object SyndromeDo you struggle to make money online? Do you spend more money buying products and courses to teach you how to make money than you actually make online? Still looking for that one product that will get the money flowing?

Well, I was like that too. Before you guys think I’m just saying all of this to tell you that this guide changed all of that and now I’m raking in the money, that is not why I’m telling you. I want you to understand why I chose to pick up and review this guide.

Now, I don’t really buy too many products or WSOs anymore. I buy PLR and I occasionally pick up a new product on Kindle publishing or something else that interests me… but if you rewind to about seven or eight months ago I was in the prime of my Shiny New Object Syndrome! Some days I would buy up to five new products and read through them. Some I would just disregard, others I would implement part way, and others I went all out on but things weren’t working like I thought they would so I would move on to the next product.

How I Found Tiffany Dow’s Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome

I follow Tiffany’s blog and have for quite a while. I love the fact that she is a non-nonsense and ethical Internet marketer who really cares for her readers and customers. Don’t think that I’m just going to give her product a product review based on that! That isn’t how I do things and it isn’t what she would want either.

(In fact, she invites people to rip into her products all they want because she wants to know if she is doing something wrong so she can fix it, which shows both confidence in her product and a real care for her readers.)

When I stumbled across her post discussing this product I was intrigued. A way to make money off of all of the products you buy? That would be awesome! Already knowing and trusting Tiff, I went right to the sales page to check it out.

The Sales Page

You can check it out here in case you want to follow along.

The first thing I noticed is that it wasn’t filled with tons of fancy graphics. Some people see this as a minus, but it fits Tiff’s personality. Some people may think it looked a bit rushed and sloppy but graphics aren’t too important to me so I didn’t pay much attention. She has since updated to add her new graphics to the sales page and they do look very nice. They aren’t over the top and don’t draw attention away from her copy. I like that.

I immediately noticed her headline: “Turn Your Addiction Into an Income!” I first thought that it may seem kind of rude to people who are coming to this page but the more I thought on it, I realize that anyone clicking through to this product has already accepted that they have a problem with buying too many products. In fact, she jumps right in to telling you that you shouldn’t be ashamed of your product buying addiction but you do need to admit that you have it!

As a former product buying addict, her copy really spoke to me, but as a recovering SNO syndrome sufferer I had my doubts. (Don’t we all after the first few “dud” products?)

Once you get to the paragraphs right after the ebook cover you find out what this product is all about, which is reviewing the products you buy to earn affiliate commissions.

She starts talking about her own experiences writing reviews and how they converted well even when the product’s copy isn’t great and how she managed to make up her investment whenever she decides to buy a new product. This sounds like something we want, doesn’t it?

A few red flags started to go up at this point because when I think “product reviews” I immediately see the overhyped reviews where people praise a product no matter how good or bad it is or maybe mention one negative point to try and seem “honest” without really being honest. This isn’t what I’m about and I know it isn’t what Tiff is about. She put my worries to rest fast with this part:

“If you’re too scared to be truthful, then this is NOT the program for you and you should seek other forms of help for your spending addiction.”

This is where I knew this course was going to be different than your generic product review product.

She goes on to talk about how you don’t need an audience at all to do this because you will build one as you go.

The only things she says you will need are:

  • A domain name.
  • Hosting.
  • Autoresponder is optional but suggested.
  • Products to review.

She says you can do this on a free platform but your own domain would be better.

What This Product Promises

Now, my plan here is to implement this product and come back to tell you how it works out, so we need a list of promises this product makes to compare it too.

  • Make money off of your product buying addiction.
  • Teach you how to review a product in an honest way that readers will appreciate.
  • Gain a following even if you don’t have one already. (I will be using an existing site but I will be measuring traffic to see if it increases.)
  • You won’t need to buy extra tools to make this work.
  • No keyword research, article marketing, or spinning.
  • No confusing SEO to deal with.

Notes and What’s Next

One thing that I really appreciate is Tiff giving people a way contact her right from the sales page.

This product looks promising from the sales copy provided you are willing to put forth some effort and write the reviews. She isn’t promising point and click profits.

Tomorrow I’ll be going through the product and giving you a review of the product itself before I start implementing the methods to let you know how it goes.

If you want to pick it up and follow along with me, you can do that here.

(Note: While I have included affiliate links, this is not an endorsement of this product. I will decide whether or not I endorse the product until I have tested the methods and can share my results.)

In the comments below?

Do you suffer from shiny object syndrome? How do you deal with it? Have you seen or picked up this product yet?

Part 1 (You are here.) | Part 2 | Part 3

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  1. Hi Amanda,

    Truth is I’ve never bought a WSO, I resist the temptation and develop my own methods. But when people are desperate to make money online, they can easily get sucked in and start mass buying products. Sure buying a few is ok, but not on a regular basis.

    Warm regards,
    Simmeon recently posted..Spy On Your Competition Using Bit.lyMy Profile

  2. Great review and especially enjoy the way you have highlighted that you are not going to endorse the product based on your past history with Tiffany but purely based on what you yourself receive out of this…. Thanks Jason.

    • I love Tiff and her work but I love my readers more! I know you guys want and deserve honesty. Besides, it is what Tiff would want! She is honest and ethical which is why I love following her work so much.

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