Review of Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome – Part 2

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Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object SyndromeIn part 1 of my review of the Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome by Tiffany Dow I went over how I found the product, looked over the copy, and pulled a list of things the copy promised this product would do. In part 2 I will be going over the first half of the product itself.

Before that, lets look over how the ordering process went. Tiff has the product listed through ClickBank and the whole process was totally painless. I was able to pay with my PayPal, there were no issues, and I got the product immediately. There were no upsells, downsells, or sidesells just like she promised in the copy. There were no hoops to jump through to get the product. One of my pet peeves is people who require opt-in after paying before you get your product. This is also against the PayPal ToS. I’m glad Tiff isn’t the type to do that.

The product is one 40 page PDF delivered inside of a zip file for ease of download.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the document is how plain it looks. Now, this isn’t always a bad thing, but I was expecting it to be a bit more dressed up since Tiff has been blogging about a program she recently bought to make her PDFs look nicer. At the very least I’m used to seeing some borders. Oh well, it is just looks and that isn’t what I bought this product for. Moving on…

Well, kind of moving on. Still on the title page. I notice her subtitle for the book… “A System That Forces You to Take Action, Gain Trust, and Become an All-Star Info Product Affiliate!” That sounds nice, doesn’t it? I’m curious how this is going to “force” me to take action, but either way I’m excited to see how this goes.

Oh, neat! A clickable table of contents! This is something I think EVERY ebook should have and I’m glad she thought to include it. It makes things so much easier when it comes time to reread parts of the book. It looks to have 17 chapters with 10 of them being the steps included in the system.

Chapter 1

The first chapter is titled “A Way to Spin Your Shiny New Object Syndrome Into Cash.” She explains that this course is about helping you do something with your SNO syndrome rather than feeling ashamed about it. She also lets you know from the start that her review method is something you don’t see all over the Internet. That is intriguing… something different?

She issues a challenge… The next time you buy a product, rather than just reading it and setting it aside, put the steps in this report into action and see how it goes. I love how she encourages you to buy a product if you think it is interesting, but only if you are willing to implement what you are learning in THIS product to make your investment back. That is a challenge I can get behind!

Tiff then goes over a list of concerns you may have and helps to put your fears to rest. No readers? She has an answer for that. No experience? She has you covered there too. It really has me feeling like this is something I can do and it is only the first chapter! Here’s hoping I’m not just getting over excited.

Here whole section on not being apologetic when writing reviews was great. I hate reading reviews that sound like they were written by the product creator themselves. “Everything is so perfect! Nothing is wrong. Well, maybe this tiny thing that doesn’t matter because if I don’t mention one thing that is bad you won’t believe me so I’ll pick something that doesn’t matter.” Bleh… I want to hear what you REALLY think! (Which is why I’m trying to let you know whatI really think about this product.)

Chapter 2

Chapter two is all about another common concern you may have… going into the make money online niche. I know I’ve heard over and over again that it is too competitive and saturated. I’m a firm believer that you can find your own place in ANY niche and Tiff goes into detail explaining how you can carve yourself a spot in the make money online niche.

She makes a lot of points that I had never thought of and it gives me another boost of confidence in this product.

As she talks about the other people in the IM niche, your competition, it sounds like she is taking the words right out of my mouth. All of the things she mentions about other review sites are things that annoy me as well. She is right! Consumers are looking for a certain kind of review. One that is honest and in-depth that tells them the WHOLE truth about a product.

Tiff also mentions a whole list of other reasons the make money online niche is great. Some I knew, some I hadn’t thought of.

Chapter 3

This chapter is titled “If You Sucked at Product Reviews in the Past, No Problem.” Well, I never really sucked at them but I don’t think I was amazing either. This should be a good read.

I’m already loving this chapter. She starts out with a list of things that “other” people always say you should include in reviews… things that don’t really help the reader all that much. This whole system focuses on really helping your readers which is awesome.

No SEO needed… that is always helpful. SEO can be tricky and can mess you up more than it helps if you aren’t careful. It is also one of the slowest ways to gain traffic.

One thing that annoys me at this point is that I am up to the end up chapter 3 and I still feel like she is trying to sell me her product. So far she has been reassuring me by addressing different concerns I may have, but she hasn’t gone into much detail about what exactly makes up her system. Hopefully I can dig in to the real meat of the product soon. Being reassured is good and all, but it would be nice if the reassurances were mixed within the actual instruction.

Chapter 4

This chapter starts by talking about buying hosting and your domain name. She recommends GoDaddy which was a little odd to me because of my personal experiences with them. I was never a fan and always use NameCheap because I like their support much  more, but to each their own on that one. I know a lot of people that love GoDaddy because they have so many coupons.

She does suggest using HostGator for hosting which I 100% agree with but just to make it extra clear since she didn’t mention it…

Never buy your domain name from the company you plan to get hosting from!

It can lead to tons of trouble down the road. Here is an article on why.

She gives you a few tips on choosing a domain name and makes it very simple.

Next she goes into detail about personality and what you need to do to really speak to your readers. A lot of this stuff I’ve learned just by reading her blog but I love the way she explains it all. Really great tips for writing for your readers, not for your commissions… and if your readers trust you because you are honest, the commissions will come!

The next section is all about setting up your blog. I’ve already done this many times so it is all stuff I’ve done but if you have never set up a website it is a really good walkthrough.

She goes over important settings to change when you install WordPress and gives you a list of good plugins to install.

She talks a bit about picking a good theme but I would have liked to see a few recommended themes, especially since this part of the guide is aimed at people who have never set up a blog. I think it is easy to get caught up in looking for a theme and not giving recommendations could really get some people hung up.

Here is a great theme that I would recommend:

Blog o’ Life

There is a free version and a paid version. The free version is great and I use it on several of my sites. The paid version is very inexpensive and adds some functionality. You can add a custom header really easily and there are several color options available.

Her tips and information about placing ads was really helpful to me… I’m sure you’ve noticed I don’t really have ads on here and I don’t really have them on my other sites either. I’m not the type to cover my site with ads, but it would be nice to be able to feature a banner for an especially great product!

I laughed when I read about how she made the header on her blog. I always liked how simple it was. It is one of the only sites I’ve seen that looks great even with a header that is obviously not professionally made.

She ends the chapter talking about what exactly we will use the autoresponder for. I’m happy that she made it clear that knowledge of sales copy wasn’t necessary, only helpful. I have spent a lot of time studying copywriting but I’m a hobbyist at best and I’m sure many of you aren’t experts in copy either.

Chapter 5

The first sentence of this chapter made me sigh but also made me feel a bit relieved. “We’re almost to the 10-step actual review process.” While I’m enjoying reading what she has to say, I really want to actually get to the review process! If you have followed Tiff like I have and you have some experience blogging you will probably know a lot of what she has covered up to here, though it is well worth at least skimming though. I’m sure it is a lot more helpful if you are new to Tiff’s stuff or blogging.

This chapter is about choosing what to review. Her criteria are very simple which is great.

This is where a lot of people may get scared off because she starts to explain exactly how much WORK this is going to be. If you are afraid of work, this probably isn’t for you.

Once again she starts talking about honesty and personality in your reviews. She encourages you to tell it how it is without sugar coating it. She quickly brings up another point… what do you do when someone asks you to review their product? I really like her insight here.

She ends this chapter talking about how her reviews convert and quoting comments she has received about her reviews. It is a great way to show us, once again, that these reviews work. One again part of me feels like everything up to here outside of the blog setup instructions has been trying to sell me the product I just bought, but I picked up a lot of great nuggets.

That is it for part 2. Part three will be up in the next 1-2 days and I will review the rest of the Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome by Tiffany Dow including the 10 steps. Don’t miss it!

If you want to pick up the product and follow along, you can pick it up here. (One again, this is not an endorsement. I will decide if I am going to endorse this product or not after I have tested the methods and verified their effectiveness.)

Part 1 | Part 2 (You are here.) | Part 3

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