Review of The Product Creation Puzzle Part 1 – I Love This Saes Copy

cover2I was reading some threads on the Warrior Forum while eating lunch earlier today and I came across this WSO called The Product Creation Puzzle. I haven’t really been product shopping and I never really thought I needed a guide to product creation, but something about the sales copy really made me interested in what the guy had to say.

So, I sent him a message to tell him I was thinking about reviewing it and he sent me a review copy. I opened it up and then decided to browse some blogs and check my email and I noticed Tiffany Dow also mentioned this product so I guess my instincts were good! If she says it’s good, it probably is. Well, I figured even if she was reviewing I would go ahead and review it as well so you can get the perspective from someone who has never released a product before.

When I landed on the first page he immediately mentioned the biggest fear most of us have about creating our own products – fear! He goes on to say it’s not about rewriting PLR or interviewing experts. I’ve read a lot of reports that are basically about using those shortcuts to create your products. That’s one way to create a product, but it’s not the way¬†I want to do it.

Next I noticed a testimonial from Jill Carpenter who I’ve followed for a while. She’s recommended some pretty good stuff. (I just checked and it looks like there is a testimonial from Tiffany Dow there too now.)

I never like the whole “create a product in five minutes” line you see in a lot of sales copy personally, but I know that a lot of people exaggerate. It doesn’t mean their method doesn’t work. It still spoke to me a bit though. You see, to get over my nerves I planned to create a low price and targeted report rather than something more expensive. I know that’s not the right mindset overall for product creation, but until I get that first one out there I know I’ll never keep making products!

He shows you a short example of one of his products in another niche and says the report will teach you how to make products like his. Well, examples are always helpful, aren’t they?

Oh, the bullet list! The bullet lists are really what do it for me in sales copy. I hate the really vague ones that don’t actually tell you what you’re going to learn. Well, not only is his bullet list specific but it’s also pretty entertaining. I like him! He’s not dry and boring. I’m ENJOYING this sales letter. That speaks volumes to me.

After the first buy button he mentions that product creation DOES take work. You have to research. You have to write. It’s not a magic button. Have a plate of brownie points for your honesty there. He also says that while this method will help you create products quickly, to give yourself time on your first one. I totally agree. Don’t rush yourself and let quality suffer.

It’s on a dimesale and it’s gone up a few dollars since when I originally visited the sales page.

Head over and check out The Product Creation Puzzle. Even if you don’t buy it, it’s an example of some awesome sales copy.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I had looked at this. Will check it out again. Best Regards, Wendy
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted..Dare To Dream For YouMy Profile

  2. One tip I learned recently from a well-known internet marketer is that, instead of creating a product to sell at first, instead offer it for free in exchange for their email address in order to build your mailing list. Obviously, people like free stuff so it’s very easy to build a list this way.

    In addition, the person also gets to see an example of your work, which helps build trust. That way, when you’re next product is ready, you will probably have a built-in buyer.

    Once there on the list it’s also a great way to build trust even further if you offer good tips and such, and allows you to promote affiliate products to the masses in an efficient manner.
    Bradley recently posted..How to Get People to Your HangoutMy Profile

    • Ya, it’s always a great idea to create a freebie first. That’s what I did on SquidsPro and I build a nice list full of targeted readers who may buy my report when it comes out.

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