Review of The Product Creation Puzzle Part 2 – Dig In!

cover2It was really hard for me to write part one of my review of The Product Creation Puzzle where I go over the sales copy because I was simply so excited to start reading! There was no OTO which means all of the information should be in the report.  Oh, by the way, this product got WSO of the day! A big congrats to the product creator.

The product is a 50 page PDF. The free bonus is actually at the start of the report apparently. Let’s dig in and see what’s up with all this.

Ugh… a personal pet peeve. They didn’t hyperlink the Table of Contents. I know a lot of people still don’t do it but enough do that I’ve gotten used to it. A note to those of you who buy this and create products… hyperlink the table of contents. (If you don’t know how, leave me a comment and I’ll do a tutorial!)

Oh, okay, this is the author’s first online marketing product, the rest were in other niches. I was kind of curious since I’ve never seen his name in the WSO forum.

LOL! This graphic made me laugh. I love that he’s adding some humor. Makes this fun to read.

This tip for getting your first product out is good. It’s exactly what I plan on doing to take the pressure off.

I totally agree with him on this speed versus quality topic. It’s a bit of a balancing act, but it’s important to always keep your customers in your mind when working.

So, the goal here is to create a product in one week. Can I do it? Hmm… June 26th. Let’s do this!

The next chapter is the free bonus and it’s called “Extra ‘Flush’ You Can Skip” which makes me laugh. It’s a great reminder for anyone reading this report, since it’ll apply to the type that are trying to get into product creation.

He’s doing something weird with this that’s confusing me… everything is color coded and he hasn’t explained why, though he did say he would explain later. I’m kind of curious as to what it’s about.

The chapter goes on to provide some great productivity tips that are basically what I do each day to get as much done as I do.

We’re kindred spirits in the graphics department. He added a nice visual aid that looks put together by someone like me, someone who knows how to drag and drop, use a paintbrush, and that’s it – and that’s not even a bad thing! It gets the point across.

The more of his graphics I see, the more I love them. They’re so simple and charming. They make me laugh. They’re NOT the super polished and professional graphics I’m used to and I think that’s what I like. It makes the entire process seem more… doable.

He does this thing with quotes in the report that I really like. It’s something I feel would be pretty cool to do when I create my product.

There are a lot of analogies in here and he’s great at coming up with relatable ones. I’m no good at that.

I’m on page 17 out of 50 and it’s been a lot about productivity, planning, and mindset. On one hand it’s great information. I’m pulling out some tidbits and I’m feeling very motivated. On the other hand, I’d really like to get to the part about product creation

This section ends with a list of instructions to put the plan into action right away. I love having steps to take like that!

I’ll end part two here. In part three I’ll get into the part on actual product creation.

At this point I can honestly say I love this product. I’m frustrated because I want the part about product creation but it’s hard to be mad when the information I AM getting is so awesome!

Check out The Product Creation Puzzle here and keep an eye out for part 3.

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  1. Good luck on creating your product. Keep us informed on how it goes!

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