Review of The Product Creation Puzzle Part 3 – The Real Product

cover2So, the last chapter of The Product Creation Puzzle (which I wrote about in part 2) was the bonus included when you buy the guide. Now I’m on to the real product.

Chapter 1 – Choosing Your Niche

I’m not too worried about niche selection since I’ll be creating products to go with my blogs, which are already set up within their niches, but the advice is solid. This is the EXACT advice I give people when they ask how to pick a niche. He also has a great tip about how far to narrow down your niche. I’d never thought about that… great advice.

I really love the instructions after each chapter. It gets you actively participating in the process which is important if you want to succeed with it.

Chapter 2 – Research

He’s totally right about competition and choosing what to write about. This guy resonates with me a lot. He addresses plagiarism which I  is important. Thieves give the entire online marketing industry a bad name and there is a big difference between learning from a lot of products and then writing your own on a similar subject and stealing. When you learn and then create your own product you’re including your own ideas and experiences which is what makes our product unique.

There is a list of 8 resources for researching topics for your product, and I’ve used almost every one of them when looking for blog post ideas so I know they work. He adds an extra tidbit about using Amazon that really helped me when I was writing nonfiction Kindle books.

After this chapter I’m more confident in the idea I had for the product I’m creating as part of this review. I’ve been thinking about my skills and there is one that is specific and needed in the online marketing community. I’m not going to tell you what it is quite yet but I won’t make you wait too much longer!

Chapter 3 – Outlining Your Report

Oh, looks like it’s time for the real work, huh?

He starts out talking about titles… I hate coming up with product or website names. I really struggle! I want it to explain what the product is about but I also don’t want it to be 10 words long. For now I’ll leave the title for at least after I do my outline. The tips are good and have me thinking though.

The instructions for the outline are very simple. If I had written this guide this is probably something I would have beefed up a bit since I know I put a bit more into the outline than he explains here. Either way, I’ve got mine done.

Chapter 4 – Chapter Outline

Oh, okay. So this is the chapter where we do the full outline. That makes much more sense.

So, this chapter starts out talking about different learners and it’s definitely food for thought. He does this cool thing where his example directly relates to product creation so he’s teaching us about how to do something while also showing us how it’s done.

Wow, this is actually a really helpful chapter. It gets me thinking about what I should include in my ebook to help the most people absorb the information.

The disclaimer in this chapter about why you should create a product is so true. It’s amazing how often I find myself nodding in agreement here. He’s not teaching you to create a quick report simply to make money, he’s showing you how to create a valuable product that your buyers will actually learn from and thats so important.

He includes a list of questions to answer for different types of learners to make sure you cover all of your bases and WOW! I tried it with one of the things I was going to write about and was able to come up with an AMAZING chapter that I’m really proud of. I’m going to print out this list of questions because I think it’ll be really helpful for blog posts too. I just found the first HUGE nugget from this product. There have been some great little ones so far but this list of questions just kind of opened my mind up.

Oh, okay. So he just explained why the earlier chapter was color coded. He colored the text based on the type of learner the section was meant for so you could go back and see it all in action. That’s really helpful.

I’m going to stop for now so I can actually do the steps for this chapter.

So far I can really say this product has been helping me get things done. I love the steps at the end of each chapter. I’m taking action every step of the way and it’s breaking things down into manageable steps. It’s a lot of simple information with a lot of stuff I already knew but the way it’s formatted to get you do actually take action and some of the great nuggets have quickly made me love this guide.

If you want to check out The Product Creation Puzzle for yourself, click here and check it out. You won’t regret it.

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