Review of WordPress SEO Wizard by Matt Roe

WordPress SEO WizardI’ve known Matt for a while now and he has generally been my go-to guy for WordPress questions as long as I’ve known him, so when he offered to let me read through his new product, WordPress SEO Wizard, I jumped at the chance.

Of course, I did warn him that when I posted a review up here, it would be 100% honest so he better make sure the product was good.

Small disclaimer: I am not an SEO expert though I have read numerous products on SEO and have practiced small time SEO on my own sites. I have managed page 1 Google rankings on a few keywords in the get your ex back niche. (Not trying to brag, it isn’t a huge accomplishment to me, just letting you know my SEO background.)

Okay,  moving on to the review.

Overview of WordPress SEO Wizard

Basically, Matt’s product is an overview of using SEO to rank WordPress sites. He goes over both on-page and off-page SEO, which most products don’t do.

The PDF runs about 37 pages and is filled with valuable information. He starts out going over plugins to help with your on page SEO. He recommends a few free plugins as well as a few paid plugins. I ended up picking up one of the paid plugins because I could really see the value in it.

From there he also shows you how to set up these plugins. He has screenshots and everything, making it really easy to set everything up. I really love how he made everything so easy.

After that he goes into how to get proper optimization on your posts and pages. This is important. As a freelance writer for marketers, I did know most of the things he mentioned in this section, but there were a few things he mentioned that I will be including in my articles for now on. (In case you didn’t know, keyword density isn’t the only thing you need to look at when optimizing an article.)

That is the first half of the book. The second half is all about building quality authority backlinks and improving your off-page SEO. I love that his strategy is all about creating high quality backlinks rather than spamming low quality ones.

What I liked:

  • He uses a lot of screenshots to help walk you through everything step-by-step leaving little to no room for error.
  • He goes over on-page SEO in detail which is something most people don’t talk enough about. On page SEO is just as important if not more important than off-page SEO.
  • He doesn’t promote spamming backlinks, rather he shows you how to come up with high quality backlinks that will do more for your site.
  • He goes into detail without filling his book with fluff.
  • He recommends some good free plugins. Too often you see people refusing to recommend free products and opting to include only paid options.
  • This is a great overview for anyone who is new to SEO or only has limited experience, though even people who do a lot of SEO are likely to pick up some gems, like the chapter about using Google+ to get traffic.

What I didn’t like:

  • Small formatting issue… there was no table of contents which made it a little hard to navigate when I went back through it later.
  • I would have liked a little bit of information on choosing keywords, but that isn’t what this product was about so I don’t mind much.
  • He goes over using Google’s new way of dealing with Google+ status updates really well, but since this is a new feature, we can’t know if Google will be keeping this feature around long.


Matt produced a very solid product on SEO. If you use WordPress, this is the SEO guide for you. If you want to put yourself on the right track for page 1, you NEED good on-page SEO and very few products actually take the time to go over on-page SEO.

The things you can learn from Matt in WordPress SEO Wizard will put you ahead of the pack since many people seem to ignore on-page SEO and focus on building backlinks. Matt’s guide is the most easy to understand guide to SEO I’ve come across so far as well.

You can find WordPress SEO Wizard here.

Head over there, pick it up, and if you remember, please come back and leave a comment letting me know if you liked it.

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  1. This really handy information that you’ve disclosed here Amanda. This definitely sounds like something I need. Thanks to this review I know what I’m getting. Keep up the good works.
    Kenworth Peters recently posted..Stay Competitive With These Affiliate Marketing TechniquesMy Profile

  2. Ive been looking at this product but wasn’t sure if it was worthwhile. Thanks to your review I can now make a more informed decision. I like the way you spell out likes/dislikes as well. Thanks Amanda.
    Mel recently posted..Successful Online Marketing Ideas that Develop ResultsMy Profile

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