Should You Be Ashamed of Self Promoting? (Forums, Facebook Groups, etc.)

promoteA few nights ago I was sitting on my phone chatting with a few people on Facebook when a fellow blogger messaged me for some advice. They wanted to know how to go about promoting their content in a Facebook group they were a member of.

Honesty, it’s just as simple as this.

  1. Become a member of the group. Chat, discuss, learn. Be an active and participating group member if you want people to actually care what you say.
  2. Read the rules before you post. Some won’t let you post links at all!
  3. If it’s allowed, drop a link to a related blog post.

That’s it.

You don’t want to be dropping links a lot unless it’s one of the groups where that’s the main focus. Save it for those posts you really find to be above average on the awesome level.

Of course ideally you aren’t just joining groups to post links. You’re joining to network and find people in your niche to discuss important topics with.

But onto the real matter at hand.

He then asked me if I feel bad about self promotion. Here was my answer.

NO! Never feel bad about promoting your content provided you know your stuff is good and can help people. The only time you should feel bad about promoting stuff you write is if you’re breaking the rules of the platform or your content is garbage.”

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  1. The only way to get your stuff out there is to promote it!!
    Kim Patterson recently posted..Pleasant Grove Hike to the GMy Profile

  2. Well now, this post is just for me! Right place, right time. My blog has been running (pardon pun) for about six months, and there’s an appreciative audience building up.
    However, I’d skipped over a FB page to promote it, and now, your advice is very apt. Many thanks!
    And by the way….you are right: feeling good about what I you/I write is critical!
    Páraig recently posted..Beam Us All Up, ScottyMy Profile

    • It’s easy to feel like self promoting is spam but it’s only spam if your content isn’t good and you’re not actually trying to join in on discussion. Dropping a link and leaving isn’t the way to do it!

  3. You make a great point. There is not anything wrong with promoting. The key is to add value to whichever group you are a member of. If you are adding value then there is nothing wrong with self promotion as well. I would follow the 80/20 or even the 90/10 rule of thumb. Thanks for sharing.
    Nathaniel Kidd recently posted..The Difference between Being Frugal and Being a MiserMy Profile

  4. I find twitter seems to be much easier for self promotion. I’m struggling with Facebook. Your post has prompted me to look for blogging groups to join. Hopefully this will soon get me a following on FB.
    Layla recently posted..iPhone Apps That Earn Me Cash – Field AgentMy Profile

  5. I fully agree with your point of view, Amy. You want to promote where appropriate, but not so much that you’re scamming. Promote the good stuff, not the garbage. Believe in what you’re promoting. Be true, be you. Thanks!
    Jeanne Melanson recently posted..Baby Sloth Orphanage Rescue Center – Behind the ScenesMy Profile

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