Shout Out to All of You – I’m So Thankful!

thankfulIt’s Thanksgiving night in the US so everyone is talking about what they’re thankful for. I’ve got a lot to be thankful for this year! I’ve moved my business forward more than any previous year with the launch of Weight Loss Content Monthly. I had 118 people sign up and I had only expected maybe 20 or 30 max. I’ve gotten so much positive feedback, I’ve been adding new bonuses, and the December content is almost ready to be uploaded! (As a side note, if you’re a member and you didn’t download this month’s content, log on and do it because I’ll be removing it on the morning of the 1st to add the new monthly content.)

I’m thankful for each and every one of you who takes the time to read my blog posts, emails, and Facebook updates. Your support and conversations… it really means the world to me. I’m still kind of floored by how things have changed. Three months ago I was floundering and actually looked into getting a part time job at Subway to help make ends meet. I’m glad I held out and put this together.

My next journey is into creating info products! I’m starting to review a new product called Mindacity Forumla. You’ll hear more about that over the next week. I’m going to be implementing it to release my very first info product in December!

I want to give a few special thank yous out to people who have played a huge role in my recent success whether they know it or not.

Of course my wonderful partner, Taylor. He pushed me and even bought InstaMember behind my back and told me I needed to earn the money back with my membership site knowing it was the only way I was going to sit down and do it. LOL

The awesome people over at the Legion of Badass (especially Caliban Darklock) cheered me along the entire way. I connected with a lot of new people who gave me tips, some became affiliates, others just helped me out with bouncing ideas around.

Everyone over at Bonnie Gean’s Article Writing Challenge helped a lot with making sure I didn’t back down. They’re always great with accountability. They even called me out when I didn’t check in when I said I would. 🙂 Bonnie is a wonderful person and created a group full of like minded people.

I’m missing a lot of people, I know. Tiffany Lambert gave me a lot of awesome ideas and it was her guide, PLR ATM, that originally got me into the PLR business!

Honestly there are so many people I don’t think I could ever name them all. Needless to say that if you’re reading this you’re one of them! Thank you. Your support is everything.

So, I want to give you a small summary of my plans moving forward.

1. I’m going to keep growing Weight Loss Content Monthly to be bigger and better. I’m working on more content and bonuses plus more resources for weight loss bloggers. I’ve also got some cool promotion ideas I’m working on.

2. I’m creating my first infoproduct in December. I haven’t settled on my topic because I want to finish going through the Mindacity Formula training first. I’ve got some ideas but if there are any brainstorming techniques in there I want to make sure I use them. Also, all profits from my first info product will be going to Taylor’s grandparents. They care for their disabled 12 year old granddaughter and their wheelchair van stopped running only two weeks after they spent their savings on a new washing machine. They can’t afford a down payment on a new van so I’m stepping up to see what I can do to help.

3. Grow my PLR store, PLR Content Market. It’s been neglected lately. I still get sales but I don’t add new content. I’m going to redesign the site and upgrade to a better cart and affiliate platform. After that I’ll work on a schedule for regular releases.

4. I’m going to spruce up my niche blogs so you’ll be hearing more about my Amazon affiliate adventures. I’m loving the commissions lately, I can’t wait to see how they do over the next few weeks.

So, what are you thankful for today?

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  1. Congratulations Amanda! You deserve all the success that you are experiencing. You have worked. I love that you were able to exceed your own expectations by getting so many sign ups.

    Definitely a model I would like to follow/copy.

    Good luck with your other plans for production creation and affiliate sales. 🙂

    • I’ve got two info products planned for the near future. The first will be in December. You’ll be hearing about that one soon. In January I plan to release guide to setting up your own PLR membership and one of the bonuses will be a detailed guide to using the plugin I did. I’m just giving my site a little more time so I can talk more about promotion, retaining members, and finding members after the initial launch. 🙂

  2. It’s a wonderful feeling when you know all your hard work is paying off and your plan is coming full circle.

    I am so glad your membership site took off! I believe it will give you the added confidence you need to move forward, much faster than you had in the past.

    Like you, I’ve neglected to add new items to my PLR store on a regular basis. I intend to change that in 2015, but I am also offering new items before this year ends, too.

    Here’s to our success, Amanda — and thank you for the shout out! 🙂

    • I’m working on a PLR release schedule. I want to ease back into a release a week. For now I’m going to aim for two new packs a month outside of my membership content. One will be a weight loss or fitness related pack with the membership as an upsell while the other will be unrelated and added directly to my shop. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

      Looking forward to see what you’ve got coming up Bonnie!

  3. Congratulation Amanda! So glad you didn’t give up! I think that is when we do our best work, when we have no other choice, than to make it work. Sink or Swim. That is what has happened to me in all my years of working for myself.

    • It’s very true. Whenever I have a tight deadline and buckle down and say “I don’t have a choice, this needs to happen” it does. Then I look back and wonder why I didn’t just do it sooner.

  4. Sometimes it’s hard to take that next step or two. I’ve been there, done that, just like everyone else who supports you.!

    I have spent a lot of time the last few months figuring out a plan and I’m seeing an upswing in amazon affiliate sales too, which is exciting. I had thought about ditching a few sites, but won’t now.

    I also hired some help. It’s minor help, but it takes care of what I procrastinate and sets me up so all I have to do is log on and work. It has already made a difference.

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