Small, Specific Ways to Get Traffic – How I Measure Up

Traffic is the lifeblood of Online marketing. If you aren’t getting traffic to your sites, you don’t need to worry about CTR or conversions because there is no one for you to actually sell to!

I came across this post by Tiffany Dow today. It’s called “Small, Specific Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website. I want to talk a bit about the tips she gives, how I measure up, and give some extra tips that have helped me with my niche sites. (I suggest reading over her post if you haven’t already because I won’t be repeating everything she wrote. She already said it so well.)

I love Tiffany’s blog because we do a lot of the same things. We both love Squidoo, writing, and selling PLR. We both think ethics are very important in marketing. This post is another example of her giving simply fantastic advice rather than a lot of the “build backlinks and the traffic will come” posts I see so often.

Tip #1: Blog Daily

I really struggle with this, but I’m getting better. Blogging consistently is important, even if it is just a short post. It keeps your site fresh and gets people coming back for updates. I need to start making time to do this because I love my readers and feel bad not updating as often as I should!

She gives some great tips on writing these posts too. She mentions that being opinionated in your posts is a GOOD thing. I agree. My favorite blogs are the ones where I get a chance to know the person writing. When people write something that shakes things up, it gets my attention!

Tip #2: Tweet Daily

I’m much better with this one. I’m not a huge fan of Twitter, but I check Twitter a few times a day and send out a few tweets about interesting blog posts I’ve read or something about my PLR store. I also retweet interesting links I see in my stream.

She sums is up perfectly… “Yeah yeah I don’t care if you aren’t a Twitter person. Too many people ARE for you NOT to be.”

Even if you aren’t a fan of Twitter, make an account and make it part of your daily tasks! Here is a post that may help when it comes to managing your social media.

Tips #3: Use third party sites for links and traffic.

This is how I get most of my traffic for my sites. I don’t build backlinks, I generate traffic. If I get backlinks while doing that, even better. To me, a good link is one that people actually are going to click on. The rest are useless. (It is those links that aren’t put where people will find them to click on them that gets Google mad anyways.)

My favorites are Squidoo, Zujava, Ezine Articles, and press releases.

I love Squidoo lenses because they always seem to rank so easily and get me a nice bit of traffic. I only use them every once and a while to promote my blogs, but I almost always see traffic coming from them. Zujava is a site like Squidoo but a lot newer. One thing that is nice about Zujava is that you make money every month from each page, or “leaf,” that you have on there. It isn’t much unless you are ranked well on the site, but it adds up if you use the site a lot.

Ezine Articles and press releases get me a lot of my traffic. I only do press releases when I have something big to announce, like a new product or Kindle book. Ezine Articles I use fairly often. It isn’t the link from EZA that gets me the traffic, it’s the sites that syndicate that article. The key with EZA is to write an awesome article that will grab people’s attention. You want something that other people will want to post on their blog with your resource box! My niche sites get around half of their traffic from these syndicated articles.

Tip #4: Participate on Forums

Forums are awesome. I visit the Warrior Forum and a few Squidoo forums. This is about networking. Get to know people and let people get to know you. Become a part of the community! If you can have a signature link, that is even better. Don’t spam, just be helpful.

Tip #5: Comment on Blogs

I comment on a lot of blogs because I read a lot of blogs in my niches. This helps keep me informed and lets me build connections with the bloggers. Tiff’s blog is one example of a blog I check almost everyday and leave comments on.

Once again, don’t spam. Actually read the posts and leave a worthwhile comment.

Tip #6: Review Products

I’ve reviewed a few products, especially here and on SquidsPro. I always see a huge jump in traffic when I do. People who are shopping want to see good and honest reviews. If you want to learn how to write a great product review, Tiffany has an awesome product about it that I reviewed here.

How Do I Measure Up?

Tiffany’s post is full of awesome tips for getting traffic. The biggest one I need to work on is consistent blogging. It is hard with how many sites I have, but I only have two blogs that I really want to focus on in this aspect.

Make sure to read over Tiff’s post. She knows what she is talking about!

In the comments below:

Where do you struggle when it comes to getting traffic? Did you find these tips helpful?

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  1. I just found your post, Amanda… and I agree with these simple techniques to bring traffic back to your site.

    How often do you write Ezine articles? Once, twice a week? I’d be interested in knowing.
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..How to Add HTML Pages Outside of WordPressMy Profile

    • Maybe once a week for my niche sites and since it doesn’t need to be unique content, just your content, I’ll often just use a longer and high quality post from that blog.

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