So You Want Help From an Experienced Internet Marketer?

I’m going to start this out by saying that I do love helping people. I run a Skype group where I do what I can to help people everyday and I always make sure to answer every email you guys send.

Today I come to you after reading Tiffany Dow’s (owner of PLR Mini Mart) newest blog post and email to her list. Basically, she is experiencing an issue I also have a problem with every day. Her email box is flooded every day with people wanting her to be their mentor and hold their hand while they get started.

Let’s step away from Tiff’s experience with this and I’ll tell you about some of the types of emails I get.

Email 1: I’ve been laid off of work and I really need to make this “make money online” thing work. Can you help me get started? I don’t even know where to start.

Email 2: Help! I’ve been buying product after product and they all seem to be scams. I just need someone to show me exactly what to do to make money!

Email 3: I’ve tried building Amazon sites and I’ve tried building Adsense sites but I don’t seem to make any money with them. What am I doing wrong?

Email 4: I’ve created this site and I’ve done x, y, and z to get traffic to it but it isn’t really working. Do you have any ideas?

I mostly get a lot of 1 and 2 and a few of 3 and 4. Which one would I prefer to get? If you guessed number 4 you are correct.

Look… I may enjoy helping people but I’m also running my own business. I have tons of work to do and a family to spend time with. Most people charge a lot of money for one on one help and I am happy to do it for free, but I need details. I need a specific problem I can help you solve.

When I get email one I always feel kind of bad because I really want to help them but I don’t know their skill set and I don’t know their interests. I usually give them a few links to get started and welcome them to come back to me with any questions.

Number 3 is my second favorite to get but I need details. Why did you quit with the sites? What wasn’t working? How did you pick your topic and drive traffic? Give me what you can up front.

Number 2 is actually the one that drives me crazy because 90% of the people who send me that email haven’t actually tried to use the courses they’ve purchased. Some piece was missing or it was too much work or they didn’t think it would work. The thing is… most courses DO work. There are a few bad eggs, but most of the time it will make you some money and teach you something.

I’m going to quote Tiff on this one…

“Implement a course and it’ll happen in most cases. If it’s missing something? Roll up your sleeves and find the answer. If I take a course and it says “set up a blog” and doesn’t tell me HOW? Well I go Google “how to set up a blog” and do it. Or nag the product creator to fill in the blanks.”

I have worked hard to get where I am and when you email me for help, I just ask that you understand my time is valuable. If you want help, put yourself in my shoes for a moment. Who would you rather spend your time answering questions for? Someone who has been jumping from project to project without putting in enough time to complete one or someone who is dedicated to what they are doing, working hard, and just needs some help figuring out what they are doing wrong.

I’m going to end this by inviting you to email me at amanda[at] or add me on Skype (Memitaru). I’m not posting this to scare you away from asking for help, I’m posting it to encourage you to get out there and work and come to me if you are struggling and can’t find the answers you need. Believe me, if a stay at home wife with little to no marketing or work experience can do this, so can you!

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  1. sanjay sharma says:

    Great Article Amanda.

    You are right. I am clearly see this pattern. I met people who helped me and every one of them saying that they are ready to help if they are specific and tell where they stuck.

    Thanks for confirming this.

    Sanjay Sharma

  2. I totally get what you’re saying Amanda. I’m like you in that I like to help, but when I’m asked to ‘teach’ someone a very broad subject I find that frustrating.

    Firstly because I’m a self-taught IMer and to me it comes naturally to use Google when I want to learn something (I really don’t understand how you can set up an online business and not know how to use Google to do some basic research).

    Secondly, some people just have a mindset that is all wrong for business. You really do need to lose the victim mentality if you want to achieve success in business. This is a tough game.
    Mena Jo recently posted..Not Taking Action is Your Biggest FailureMy Profile

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