Spam Comment Round-Up #1 – Come Have a Laugh!

Spam.. it’s the bane of most online marketer’s existence. You work so hard on putting great content out there and you click the comments tab only to see a bunch of spam left by bots. Well, rather than getting upset about it I think it’s time we take a moment to have a good laugh!

Today I went to reply to the comments I got while I was asleep and figured I’d go through and check my spam filter (like I do everyday) to make sure nothing got stuck there that didn’t belong. As I was scrolling through I couldn’t help but laugh at some of them and I figured why not pass this on so we can all enjoy a laugh together! I may do this again in the future… I know I get enough spam each day.


Hey! No one uses MSN anymore. Don’t lie to me.


Thanks for subscribing in my augment. I’m not sure I have an augment, but it’s cool all the same.


Auspicious… that’s not a word you hear everyday.

aus·pi·cious [aw-spish-uhs]
1. promising success; propitious; opportune; favorable: an auspicious occasion.
2. favored by fortune; prosperous; fortunate.

Woah… I didn’t promise you anything! D:


Okay… I’ve got a few problems with this comment besides the fact it has nothing to do with what I posted.

  • What color is “ice cream color”? What type of ice cream? Mint chocolate chip? Vanilla? Moose tracks?
  • What is an “atmospheric style” when it comes to handbags? Is this terminology I should know?


This just plain made me laugh. XD


Shoes don’t taste very good so I generally try to avoid consuming them… and so do most of the people I know.  Also, I’m having trouble following your “discussion.”


Well thanks. I’m glad you’re going to undoubtedly recovery. That’s great.

Hope you got a laugh out of this as well!


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  1. I love ice cream colored handbags!!
    LOL I have a great time going through spam comments, too. Sometimes they sneak by and are ALMOST passable… but usually? Yeah, usually they are just weird!
    Jenn L recently posted..Preventing Cavities with Clean Teeth #HappyHealthySmilesMy Profile

  2. OMG that was too funny! I personally love the ones I get in Chinese or other foreign languages mixed in with English links. Crazy spammers!
    Jessica Woods recently posted..Read, Kiddo, Read!My Profile

  3. I have also had a few there was one but I wasn’t sure it was a bot -comment so replied to it anyway. thank you for the post- its good to get a laugh especially on a Tuesday.

  4. Seems like the poster at Green Coffee Bean Side Effects likes to return to your blog. I like his/her name. Too bad they waste their time this way when they can be doing something productive that makes a difference in the world.
    Thanks for the chuckle! ~Debra
    Debra Jason recently posted..Freelancers! Transform Your Frustration Into FreedomMy Profile

  5. Wow at least you can have a laugh and know people are reading your blog, or maybe its bots. It amazes me on my tiny little blogspot blog that gets like 10 visits a day that I still get spam comments.

  6. Imagine I think I got some of those very same comments in my Spam box! Thanks for sharing and yes I did laugh! Best Regards, Wendy Social Media MasterMind
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted..How to Eat Gluten FreeMy Profile

  7. I just had to laugh. A few years ago, I did an article that took the subject lines I received through spam email, and I shared them with my bloggers.

    It was hilarious! This one comes close to topping it, though! LOL

    Thanks for the giggles!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Denim – Tweed Facebook Graphics Pack DisplayMy Profile

  8. Global consumption of high quality shoes! Now that’s a new one. I think I’ve had a few of these same comments:)
    Toni Nelson recently posted..Do You Know The Buzz Word?My Profile

  9. Heheee! Laughter is the best way of dealing with frustrations isn’t it. What a lovely post.
    Ginny Carter recently posted..Why being yourself is essential for your businessMy Profile

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