Super PinMadness Review – Why I’m Not Continuing to Implement It

pinI picked this one up in the car on the way to my friend’s house because I always hear so much about Erica Stone’s new products and I usually love them. I decided I’d give it a read and start the beginning steps and finish it when I got home in a few days.

Well, I’ve already changed my mind and I’m going to tell you why. This is going to be my first time giving an Erica Stone product anything but a glowing review.

So, Super PinMadness is a product that teaches you how to make money on Pinterest without a website. You don’t need ANY website at all to follow her system which I’m sure is attractive to a lot of people who were focusing on Squidoo before they got so. As I’m sure you can tell by the sales page the entire point here is to post affiliate links to product on Pinterest and get people repinning so they reach more people.

So, let’s start with the things I liked about this product.

  • The instructions to create your Pinterest business account were pretty clear.
  • The information on which affiliate links can be posted on Pinterest was very helpful. There’s one BIG affiliate program people use where affiliates have their links stripped on Pinterest so they get no credit.
  • The tip about promotional versus non-promotional boards is important if you don’t want to look money grabby on Pinterest.
  • Lots of great tips on where o find stuff to pin outside of your own stuff.
  • I didn’t know all of this stuff about analytics because I hadn’t used a business account.
  • There was a section about using this strategy along with other strategies she’s sold guides for and honestly if you use this I suggest you don’t solely use this method.
  • She specifically mentions that this method isn’t future-proof. Pinterest could later decide not to allow affiliate links and I’m glad she takes the time to mention it.

Okay, now on to the stuff I really didn’t like.

  • Board descriptions are actually pretty important when it comes to getting followers on them but there is no information about what should go in them. You want a fun description talking about you and what you’ll be pinning in there.
  • The method she recommends to start getting followers and repins… eww. It’s one of those sites where you get credits for following and pinning for others and then you spend credits so others can do the same. The thing is that these sites end up not really giving you much in the way of legit followers or traffic because they’re all just following each other. Not to mention, even if Pinterest says they’re okay with it now it’s likely just a matter of time before they start getting upset about it like Facebook and Twitter. You’re better off trying to build up your following naturally.
  • This method isn’t futureproof. If Pinterest decides they don’t like affiliate links anymore you lose all of that. If you’re going to use Pinterest for traffic it should be going to your site and MAYBE use this off and on for pinning to a variety of sites.

If you want to use this method I suggest taking that information on which affiliate programs are okay to use, mix in links to posts on YOUR website, and do some research on REAL ways to get followers.

If you want to check out Super PinMadness for yourself you can do that here. I did learn some worthwhile nuggets but I won’t be going forward with this method.

After everything that happened with Squidoo I’m very done depending on 3rd party sites to host my content. Losing part of my income because I was depending on a 3rd party site and they changed their rules is not something I want to deal with again.

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  1. How refreshing. An honest review! You are one of the few who actually do them so thanks.

    I saw the product promoted but I’m increasingly skeptical about the kinds of promises in sales copy like that. Smacks of opportunism and that’s no way to build a sustainable income base.

    Good call.

  2. jenn alex brockman says:

    I bought this too, but was skeptical of the exchange site she mentions too.
    However, I already have a mix of boards on one of my accounts that I might mix this with. I’m of the same mind though, that I don’t want to build up someone else’s business. What I’m kind of surprised about is that my amazon affiliate money keeps coming in and it must be from one of my sites, rather than squidoo which is where I thought it was coming from.

    • It’s one of those things where you could use the technique along with promoting your site, but I wouldn’t put nearly as much time into it when you could be pinning pages on your website where you promote the items.

      Hey, it’s gonna be exciting to know that money is coming from your sites!

      I may pin items like this off and on just because “this is cool but not worth writing about” but that’s about it.

  3. Great review Amanda. I only use Pinterest to add my links and gain a little traffic to my sites. I know a lot of good money can be made on this platform, but like you said, it is not a good idea to depend on a third party site for your online income.

    • I use it like any other social network but with a few tweaks. I have pages that get hundreds of views each day from Pinterest and some pins with over 700 repins. It’s a very powerful platform depending on your niche but you should still be using it to grow your sites. You want the traffic going to your site where they’ll join you on other social media, sign up for your list, and/or make a purchase.

  4. Erica’s stuff is some of the best on the Warrior forum and her guides have definitely helped me, but this was one I didn’t want to buy because of the things you’ve mentioned plus I knew beforehand about that exchange site and I didn’t like it either.

    I have used her Pinfabulous guide though and make regular commissions now, what I love about that is followers come naturally (I’m at almost 600) just from pinning BUT you funnel the traffic to your own website and that’s what I like and I’m making sure people don’t just click a link on my site and leave forever there are the social options for them to connect with me and become a longterm reader.

    Keep being honest, no matter who you upset. Honesty and ethics before commissions 🙂

  5. Great review, Amanda! BTW, is there any other Pinterest guide you would recommend (not including Erica Stone’s PinFabulous)?

    I came here when Loretta Oliver mentioned your weightloss plr membership on Facebook which looks promising to me. I have an old site in the niche but I have a love/hate relationship with it… 🙂

    • Honestly there aren’t any Pinterest guides I’d recommend right now. I’ve yet to find a solid one that isn’t recommending something spammy. A lot comes down to the pictures you use and being active on the site.

  6. Amanda,

    To my understanding and from experience, Pinterest doesn’t allow affiliate links. If you link a product from Amazon, Pinterest will use their link so you don’t get the commission.

    So what you’ll have to do is link to your website that contains the affiliate link. I wonder if Erica is aware of that?

    • She talks about it in the guide. There is a section where she goes over affiliate programs where your tracking ID isn’t stripped. I tested it for a bit before I decided it wasn’t worth it and I have made about $10 in sales but I still won’t be using the guide anymore because Pinterest could start blocking those affiliate links at any point in time.

  7. I wish I was savvy enough to make any money out of Pinterest…I just keep forgetting to Pin things, lol! I am having a go with Social Store App for Facebook…have you tried it/heard anything about it? It’s easy enough to use (once they sorted out my access code) but I have no idea how you can drive traffic to a page that isn’t associated with any websites. I need a crash course in social media ‘how to’.

    • I haven’t heard of Social Store App. I do have some great experience with Pinterest. You need to create some niche boards, pin actively, create good images for pinning (the best ones have text on them) and that’s going to be the most important part.

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