Taking Your Pinterest Marketing Up a Notch – Get Traffic Without Followers

If you already know the basics of Pinterest, this one is for you.

You probably already know the basic Pinterest marketing techniques. You use nice pictures, you create themed boards, you add Pinterest buttons to your site… but you’re still not getting the best results. How do you take it up a notch so your pins reach more people?

Building followers is one way but there is actually an easier way that doesn’t really require you have many followers. What it DOES require is that you’ve been actively pinning your own stuff as will as pinning and repinning other people’s stuff to your boards. If you have, this method can really help you get more visibility on Pinterest.

I have to be honest, I don’t promote on Pinterest often, but I did this back when I was publishing a lot of recipes online. You know how big the recipe niche is on Pinterest. I went from 5-10 repins to having some posts with over 500 repins.

The secret is these:


That group of people I followed means that this is a “group board.” Group boards are Pinterest boards where multiple people can pin to them. What makes them so special?

  • You have other people helping to ensure the board is active.
  • The other people will promote the board too.
  • When you post a pin, all of the board followers will see it including people who are simply following another person who is pinning on the board. This is the real power… even if you have 10 followers, if another person pinning to the board has 2,000 they will also see your pin.

I’m sure you can already see why they’re so awesome.

So, how do you get permission to pin on a group board? You can start your own or you can search for ones in your niche.

They don’t make it too easy to search for group boards so I’ll give you the two methods I use.

1. Use the search function.

Search for a keyword like you would search for pins. If your niche is “diabetic friendly desserts” put that into the search bar. At the top there will be tabs for pins, boards, and users. Go to the boards tab.

Now just scroll down looking for boards with that group board icon. When you find one you’re interested in, check out the board. Many will have instructions on how to join the board at the top. If not, you’ll need to message the board owner and ask.

Make sure to tell them why you think you’d be a good addition. Don’t just promote your blog and tell them you want to share your posts. Talk about how you’re interested in the topic and read about it a lot. Mention that you also have a blog and would like to occasionally share those posts. They don’t want members who will pin promo after promo. Of course, I should hope that you’re being honest when you tell them all of this!

2. Group board databases.

If you search “group boards” you’ll find links to all kinds of group board databases. These people compile lists of group boards that accept contributors. You can look through them and find boards to apply to.

These are great if you’re in big niches like recipes. Smaller niches are going to be hard to find among the more popular topics.

The most important thing through this entire method is to remember you’re not JUST promoting. You’re getting social. Don’t just spam pinning your own stuff, learn to use Pinterest like the average user and ALSO pin your stuff.

Any questions?

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  1. Thanks for creating this post! I’m REALLY new to Pinterest – and had no idea groups existed. Now – not only do I know they exist – but I have two strategies to find one that fits my niche . . . time management strategies for direct sales professionals.

    Lisa Mallis recently posted..The Myth of “Touch it Once” for Managing PaperMy Profile

  2. Thank you – I’m learning about the power of groups on some of the other social medias – so this falls right into place too.
    Sue recently posted..Signs & Letting GoMy Profile

  3. For sure! I also highly recommend using your main Pinterest account as the one you market from. I tried creating a separate one, and it was just way too much work. I already use Pinterest a ton, so just having one board for my “business” stuff wasn’t a big deal.

    Great tips, girl!
    Jenn recently posted..What is Gesso and Why Do You Need It?My Profile

    • For my newest site I just set up one board for that niche. It’s about geeky gifts and things like that. From the site instead of linking to a Pinterest account I link directly to that board.

  4. Amanda,

    Great post. I have been invited to groups and didn’t realize the impact they could have. Thank you for sharing a resourceful tip I can use.
    Stephanie recently posted..New Blog Feature: Business SpotlightMy Profile

  5. I´m still resisting joining Pinterest! You´d never see me again if I signed up. 😉 Even though I don´t have an account, I love knowing about it and how it works.
    Paula – Buenos Aires recently posted..Week #31 hosted by Clare BrownMy Profile

  6. I hadn’t really thought about the advantages of a group board this way. I’m very active on Pinterest and use boards in the RSS module on Squidoo lenses.

    Thanks for giving me another way to have fun on Pinterest.
    Virginia Allain recently posted..Pinterest Tips for Squidoo Lensmasters updated Wed Feb 13 2013 10:48 pm ESTMy Profile

  7. Pinterest is still an area that I have to look into more. I add my own posts when I remember but that’s about all.

    I need to go find some like-minded groups.

    Thanks Amanda 🙂
    Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa recently posted..Weekly Roundup Vlog – It’s Time To Get Our Writing On!My Profile

  8. Hi

    That’s a great tip. By myself I’d got as far as realizing it was “good” to be on group boards, but never thought about searching for them!

    Thanks, Joy
    Joy Healey recently posted..Mental Health and Complementary TherapyMy Profile

    • I got invited to one after one of my pins got around 400 repins. (Still not sure how I managed it.) They wanted me to post more content like that in their board and I started getting a ton of traffic. From there I decided I had to find out how to join more boards!

  9. Thank you for this post. I’ve had several invitations to pin to boards that I’ve never answered. It never occurred to me that those boards might be beneficial for marketing too.

    Maybe I’d better go answer those invitations. 😉
    Becky@OrangeKittyPLR recently posted..Halloween PLR ArticlesMy Profile

  10. Rhonda Reid says:

    Thanks for the tip. I was aware of group boards, but had not connected in my mind that you could search for them.

  11. Great post – I had really no idea what those boards were about, though I’ve had a few invitations to join them. I joined one and then wondered why I had, so didn’t join the others when the invitations came in 🙂 Now I know – and will be proactive about looking for boards. Thanks!
    Ana recently posted..Looking For A Man? Be Needy…In A Good WayMy Profile

  12. Amanda,

    I’ve been spending a ton of time with Pinterest recently because I’m doing sort of a test study to see how to get traffic from there to your blog, and I didn’t even know about the group symbol thing so thanks for the heads up!

    Always learning… 😀

  13. I haven’t spent enough time on Pinterest to get any good from it, but that will change!

    I went to Pinterest to see if I could start a Group Board and from what I see, you need to invite people to post to it. Is that correct?

    How do you create a group board where anybody can post to it without the need to invite them to it?

    Thanks Amanda!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Why You Should Start A Blog To Build A Network Of Business FriendsMy Profile

  14. I have good success on some group board. I am in a jewelry board and the repin rate is insane! Other are slower. I need to get in a few more or maybe start one myself (although I am busy enough already, not sure I have time to police my own board…)
    Fanfreluche recently posted..My turn! Bubblews Didn’t Pay Me.. So is Bubblews A Scam After All?My Profile

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