The Product Creation Puzzle Part 4 (FINAL) – How to Write an Infoproduct

cover2I’ve been working on my product outline based on the methods explained earlier in The Product Creation Puzzle and now I’m moving on to the chapter about writing the info product itself.

Honestly, the hardest part for me was actually picking a topic for my product. That’s where the most anxiety comes from. I know I can write and I know I can research, but even though I don’t need to create something new and groundbreaking, it’s easy to feel like my topic is TOO covered already, you know? Well, either way I’m taking action and working through those feelings.

My outline is done and now I’m seeing why so many people get stumped on writing. I write a lot every single day but I’m getting a little nervous about how well all of my points will be covered. I’m excited to see what the author has to say about it.

On a side note, The Product Creation Puzzle was made WSO of the day so a big congrats there! I decided he would be next for my product creation experts interviews. He agreed and I should have that interview posted up in the next few days.

Chapter 5 – The Writing Part

He says he hated writing in high school which is something I totally relate to. Who would have known the girl who got a D in English would end up writing for a living? It wasn’t that ¬†was bad at writing, it was that I wouldn’t sit down and do it so I’d get bad grades! My hatred of writing changed when I started writing about things I enjoyed rather than whatever the teacher said to write about.

His advice about writing her is what turned me from a painfully awkward writer almost failing English to a freelance writer with a waiting list of customers (an now successful blogger). You can tell he practices what he’s teaching because it shows in this product and how easy it is to read. I’m kind of jealous of how natural everything sounds.

His tips are perfect for you if you ever struggle to sit down and write a blog post or work on your product. He even mentions my favorite little red kitchen timer!

He includes a list of tips to for actually writing your report. Numbers 1 and 4 are huge for me when it comes to any writing I do.

Lots of great tips here. This is my 2nd favorite chapter of The Product Creation Puzzle, second only to the one about different types of learners.

Chapter 6 – Cover and Images

He provides some free and cheap ways to take care of the image aspect of things. Personally I think you should aim for a professional cover graphic if at all possible. Using homemade/simple images inside is different, the content should be speaking for itself, but an amateur cover can cause buyers and affiliates to look past your product and move on to something else.

There were a few free images sites I haven’t used before so I’ll be checking them out.

Chapter 7 – Conclusion

It’s time to take action! He ends by reminding you that this book will do NOTHING if you don’t apply what you learn. If you buy The Product Creation Puzzle, I know you’ll at least learn something but it won’t matter if you don’t sit down and apply it. I’ve been doing the steps along the way and I’ve got a rough draft of my new product ready. When I started this review I didn’t even know what I wanted to write about! I’m feeling fantastic about my progress and it was thanks to Jon’s easy to use instruction and encouragement.


At the end there is a list of resources including blogs to read and other products on product creation. He tells you not to bother buying them until you get your first product created though, so don’t jump right to this part!

My Conclusion

Whether I sell any copies of my product or not, this guide has been a huge success for me. I’ve been so afraid to actually pick a topic and stick to it that I’ve outlined a dozen reports I never planned to write. Now, thanks to The Product Creation Puzzle I have a rough draft that I’m editing and filling out. I’ve ordered my graphics and I’ll be ready to release my very first info product next week (as long as the graphics are back in time)!

I will say that this is a pretty simple guide but sometimes that’s what it takes. About 80% was stuff I knew but the 20% that was filled with awesome nuggets is just what I needed to take me to the next step.

If you’re still struggling with your first info product, I highly recommend The Product Creation Puzzle.

Click here to pick up a copy for yourself.

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  1. I’m envious! I haven’t done much with my product creation. Making the videos guiding others through the process has stifled my progress. I’m not complaining mind you — it’s just that my time is so limited, I have to start forcing myself to write more or I’ll never get my stuff done!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..90 Day Product Creation Challenge, Day 33My Profile

  2. Hi, Amanda…Your review series on this has been very interesting, and good for you on getting your product ready to release so soon.

    I’m the opposite–I’ve always loved writing, and have always written.

    Like you though, I’ve gotten hung up on thinking that whatever topic I wanted to write about had already been done to death, so why should I add to that?

    It sounds like we should always go ahead and create something though, since we all have unique perspectives and life experiences to write about.

    Looking forward to seeing what you’ve created…
    Becky recently posted..Melissa & Doug Toys PLR PackMy Profile

    • The best way to think of it is when you go to the library. If you want to learn about something there are hundreds of books on each subject and different people will prefer different books. The same goes for ebooks!

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