Top 10 Best Places to Buy PLR

Untitled design (4)I’ve mentioned many times that I use a ton of PLR in my business. I’ve even shared some tutorials showing you how to make more money with your PLR. I don’t normally mention my favorite places to BUY it though.

If you’re looking for PLR memberships I talk about those over on this post.

While memberships are great once you’ve found a niche you want to stick with, early on it can be better to go ala carte solely because you don’t quite know how much new content you’re going to need each month.

Each of theses sites I have personal experience with and highly suggest. They’re also in no particular order because I don’t think I could accurately rank them even if I wanted to.

  1. PLR Content Market – Yes, this is my PLR store but what kind of seller would I be if I wasn’t confident enough in my own PLR to say I recommend it? I write about a lot of different topics and niches. Some of the biggest are video games, health/fitness, and gardening.
  2. PLR Mini Mart – Tiffany Lambert’s store is great because she just covers so many topics. She covers the big niches as well as smaller ones like chicken coops. It’s a great place to find niche ideas too. She always seems to find these gems of niches. I’ve yet to find a store with this much diverse content that still keeps up quality.
  3. Net PLR – Ruth’s store covers those big topics that you just need a lot of content for. The main things she covers are diet and weight loss, fitness, toys, electronics, product reviews… things like that. I love her product reviews because it’s so easy to just make a few edits and add in an affiliate link before posting it up. It saves a lot of time.
  4. DIY PLR – This site is all about illustrated content. Packs come with things like illustrated reports and tutorials, ebook covers, slides, and extra graphics. Visual content is really important these days an DIY PLR does a great job of providing it. The biggest niches they cover are internet marketing, food, and health.
  5. Business Content PLR – Here is the main site I go to for business related content. They focus solely on business content and they’re good at it. It’s not the shallow PLR you see from most stores. It’s all really in-depth stuff – the type of stuff that could make great paid products instead of just freebies.
  6. PLR ala Carte – I enjoy Lisa’s store for the same reason I enjoy Tiffany’s store. There are so many topics covered! I like to dabble in side niches a lot and it’s nice to find PLR on unexpected topics instead of the same old ones everyone is writing about. She’s got plenty of content for the big topics too though.
  7. PLR Productions – Bonnie’s PLR site doesn’t have a ton of products available (yet) but she offers these really cool graphic packs. You may remember me mentioning her recent big release, Infographic KickStart. Over at PLR Productions she offers a lot of quote box packages. Quote boxes are one of the best ways to get social media engagement. She also has blank templates where you can easily add in your own quotes.
  8. Sell PLR Plugins – Most of the sites I mention are all articles, reports, and ebooks. This site however is all plugins! PLR plugins make great add-ons to packages you’re selling.
  9. PLR Express – Nathan’s shop is one I don’t visit terribly often but the few times I have I’ve found really cool stuff. His video game PLR is awesome and his Zombie pack was incredibly useful to me during my Halloween promotions.
  10. All Star PLR – While Peggy’s releases aren’t as often as some of the other sellers on this list, her quality is top notch. A lot of it is sold in limited quantities which means it won’t be found all over the place. It’s a great place to check out. The only issue with her site is that it’s a little harder to find your exact topics quickly since it’s all on one page.

Obviously there are tons of other great sites and providers out there. Some of these sites may not even cover the niche you’re looking for. So, here are some tips for making sure a provider is going to sell you quality PLR before you spend your hard earned cash.

  • Look for a place to opt-in to their list for a free sample. Most sellers build their list by offering up some free PLR for you to check out. Look at the quality of the email itself along with the samples. Most of the stores I mentioned above will have free samples.
  • Do a search of their name and the name of their store to see if there are any reviews up. Try to find reviews where the person seems to be speaking honestly and not just trying to get commissions.
  • Buy a low priced pack before you invest in a bigger one. For example, Tiffany Lambert at PLR Mini Mart has packs that are $5 as well as packs that are over $100. If I hadn’t worked with her in the past but I was interested in one of her high priced packages I’d definitely spend the money on a cheaper one to make sure it was high quality before sending any more money.
  • If they don’t have samples available or you have questions, just send them an email. Some sellers are happy to send you a sample article if they don’t have many samples available, plus you can learn a lot about someone by their customer service. I’ve even had sellers give me discounts on my first purchase to ease my concerns and I’ve become a long time buyer of theirs because of it.

If you’re ever looking for a specific kind of PLR and can’t find it, feel free to send me an email using my contact form. I’ve got a pretty big list of providers I use and I’m always happy to send out recommendations!

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  1. I’ve used lots of PLR from some of these stores, but never got the chance to visit others. Nice to have a great list here to choose from. Thanks for including mine! 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..The Top 10 Projects I Need to Finish This YearMy Profile

  2. Great informative article. I’ve read a little about PLR and this is a helpful list.
    Salma recently posted..Princess PressureMy Profile

  3. While I familiar with many of them, several are new to me. I use a lot of PLR, especially from Tiffany and Ruth, and a couple of others on occasion. I’ve very thankful for quality PLR as it really does save time and gives me ideas I wouldn’t normally think of. Having several websites for four or five years means I have to work to come up with something new and unique. PLR isn’t totally unique, but we sure can make it our own. Thanks for this list.
    Edie Dykeman recently posted..Top Ten People I Miss The Most – PersonalMy Profile

    • For articles I can turn a PLR article into one ready to post on my site in 5-10 minutes. It takes me 30-60 minutes or more to write one on my own. It’s a huge time saver as while as a great tool for brainstorming!

  4. Great list Amanda. I’ve bought from a couple of these places and others haven’t even heard of. Ill give some new ones a try. Thanks for sharing!
    Misty Spears recently posted..Kindle Book Publishing Project Update #1 – Getting StartedMy Profile

  5. Great list Amanda! Thanks for introducing many I hadn’t found and your tips are right on the mark.
    Marilyn Thompson recently posted..Top 10 WordPress Plugins You Should UseMy Profile

  6. Excellent list you have provided here. A great mixture so that people can get a range of articles and find packs to suit their budget.
    Victoria Virgo recently posted..My Top Ten Wish List for The Rest of 2014My Profile

    • Ya, right now I’m currently looking for some providers of more premium packages to recommend. I had someone come to me saying they were looking for full and in-depth PLR courses with limited quantities available. Doing my research to try to find some.

  7. Great PLR information there.

    I’ve bought and collected more PLR than I’ve used!

    The quality varies wildly so being able to have a review of quality providers really helps sorting out the good from bad. Before the end of this year there will be another quality provider to add to your list

  8. Thanks a lot Amanda! This was really helpful to me.

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