Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join Squidoo

Today I bring you a guest post by video game blogger and Giant Squid, Tony Lee! Tony is an avid Squid, co-founder of SquidsPro (along with myself), and owner of the video game blog Fung Foo Gamers! He has joined us today to tell YOU why Squidoo is so awesome.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join Squidoo

Surfer Squid by GreekGeekSquidoo is a popular platform website that encourages its members to write webpages dedicated to their favorite topics. You will find that many people are using Squidoo, and have been a part of this community for years! Squidoo gives each user the ability to write and earn at the same time. Each page the user creates and builds from scratch has the potential to make an income for them. Becoming a part of this community can either be a hobby or a full time job depending on your needs and available time. Squidoo also lets you give your earnings to a charity as well, which is a great feature that most other sites don’t have. So what makes Squidoo so unique? Well, this workplace is like no other because the service it provides for the member is completely free! Let’s get down to business.

1. Squidoo is free and worth your time – Have you ever felt like writing about a topic that you just want to share with the world? Do you have a topic that is so important to you that you want to support it or share it with others? Well, Squidoo is a great place to find your voice and use it proudly! When you start writing Squidoo lenses, you won’t ever want to stop. It’s such a great thrill knowing that other members and other people all around the world are reading your opinion on a subject that’s dear to you.

2. Earn from every lens you create – The learning curve for Squidoo is incredibly low, making it a simple task to jump into the community and get started. Earning from Squidoo is just as simple, they have it set up in a way that once you put some work into your lenses, you can easily earn something every month. The payment plan works great and runs smoothly, when they pay through check or Paypal. You get paid for royalties and the ad pool that is used with Squidoo. Can you believe that this is all free and just as easy to use? They want you and you want to increase your monthly income by a little. Even if it’s not your main source of income, Squidoo lenses can be a great source of supplementary funds.

3. You find confidence – Believe it or not, when writing for Squidoo you can end up gaining some self confidence that you might not have expected. Knowing that you have control over how much you earn and how hard you work on your Squidoo lenses, it creates a sense of strength in your personality. You can find your voice by writing to a large audience that is always growing and getting a payment every month really makes you want to be productive with your Squidoo career. The self-esteem boost is an incredible feeling, just knowing that you have all the tools to make something helpful.

4. It’s Fun – When you are “working” on Squidoo, it doesn’t feel like work at all. In fact, many people simply use Squidoo as a hobby. Squidoo isn’t completely meant to be a place that you have to earn with, it can just as easily become a place where you go to write freely and meet others. The community is extremely helpful in making everything easy, whenever you need help you can rest assured that you won’t be left hanging. You will find making friends in this large community comes easily because everyone is willing to help each other increase sales on lenses or give advice on writing styles. You also have a point system that keeps you interested and entertained throughout the experience. Leveling up and earning points from every visitor to your lens is a great feeling.

5. Increase traffic to your personal blog/website – Squidoo is usually well loved by search engines and that makes it easier to rank higher for keywords with your website or blog. Many people come to Squidoo to help increase backlinks to their own blogs or websites. This works, but more importantly, Squidoo is great at generating traffic to some of your pages and posts. You will find that referral traffic is very common when dealing with Squidoo and your own personal blog/website.

Earning money, meeting new people, and getting traffic to your website all at the same time sounds like a good deal to me. Squidoo is a friendly place and has many members that create a fun, welcoming environment . You’ll find that other members at Squidoo are warm and caring, they will let you know how to improve your lenses and start up conversations with you out of nowhere. The atmosphere is so positive and the opportunities are endless, so what do you say? Are you ready to get started?!

You can click here to download a free Quick Start Guide that will take you step-by-step through building your own lens! SquidsPro are here to support you.

You can also follow Tony and SquidsPro or Twitter or like SquidsPro on Facebook!

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  1. This post is so helpful. I personally find Squidoo friendly to bloggers because of its easy to follow features. When I do a squid, I feel relaxed than when I am doing other blog which sometimes stresses me thinking it should be more than a work of art. Squidoo is different in a sense that although I have quality on mind, it’s actually easier to put it into the lens. Thanks, Tony and Amanda for this amazing article.
    Janny recently posted..Its All About RelationshipsMy Profile

    • Hello, Janny
      Thanks so much for the wonderful comment you have provided us with. I also have to completely agree with you, I really enjoy writing squidoo lenses. It is fun to see points being collected when you update them and create new ones. I am also glad to hear that you found this blog post helpful! Thank you!
      Tony Lee recently posted..The Wii U has some new features helping nintendoMy Profile

  2. Cool – you opened up my eyes to some things I hadn’t considered. I never really tried Squidoo before, but for some reason got the impression that the earnings weren’t going to be that great. Since you have more experience there than I do (obviously), would you care to go more into detail about the earnings and time spent for those earnings?

    The point about building confidence sounds the most appealing. I will have to look into it further – just because that’s how important I feel confidence is.
    Jessica Kihara recently posted..Holiday Affiliate Guide – PLR ReportMy Profile

    • If you head over to the blog I mentioned we talk about that a little bit. Most of my earnings come from affiliate links from Amazon, ClickBank, or even PLR shops. You do need to get involved in the community for best results and do a little promoting of your lenses, but overall I don’t need to spend too much time on my lenses to keep affiliate commissions coming in.

      If you want tier payments, which are monthly payments for being in the top 8000-10000 lenses, that takes a bit more work because you will need to continually generate traffic. Guest blogging on Squidoo blogs has helped me TONS with that.
      Amanda T recently posted..Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join SquidooMy Profile

  3. I have to admit I have always been a little bit skeptical of Squidoo. I’m not 100% why but it always seemed a little like I could get the rug yanked from under me at any time with them. However, I guess they have been around long enough now that it probably isn’t the case.

    The concept for the site really is a good one. I’m surprised it hasn’t been duplicated often. There are some other ones like Hubpages but nothing really has the traction that Squidoo does. I guess that’s because of Seth Godin (who I think is simultaneously insane and a genius).

    I guess a major problem I have with the site is that any time I feel like I want to invest a large amount of time creating a bunch of content, it seems like I could put that towards my own site and not have to worry about it being “owned” by someone else.

    Maybe that thinking isn’t logically sound though. There do seem to be some real upsides (not the least of which being that Squidoo has a lot of traffic and search-engine clout).

    I guess in the end, the only way for me to really know whether the Squidoo approach is one that works for me, is to start experimenting with lenses. Trust me, I’d very much love to eat some humble pie with whipped cream if I start earning reasonable money from it.
    Jack recently posted..Putting The Cart Before The HorseMy Profile

  4. Oh I do have fun on Squidoo when I’m there, but I’m not making the most of it, and I really must change that. I was thinking just the other day that I need to get far more involved with the community over there (haven’t been doing enough of that), and I need to post some more lenses.

    I’ve used hubpages in the past( for my affiliate sites), but Squidoo just seems like a much more interesting platform to work with. Now all I need to do is make more time for it!
    Mena Jo recently posted..3 Steps to Managing Information Overload SyndromeMy Profile

  5. That link takes you to my page (on squidoo) where I wrote something similar, the top 5 reasons that I returned to Squidoo after Google did a number on my websites!
    Zana Hart recently posted..Top 5 Reasons I’ve Come Back to Squidoo updated Sun Aug 12 2012 10:27 pm EDTMy Profile

  6. Squidoo is a great site for whatever online project you’ve got going. I like using it because the Alexa rank is so high you don’t have to worry about SEO very much. Choose the right keywords and little bit of backlinking and you’ve got a PR 3 or 4 page in no time.
    Clara recently posted..Screencasting PLRMy Profile

  7. I think I have one article left on Squidoo – might be down to zero by now. Moved them over to Writedge where they earn me some money while climbing the SERPS.
    Denise recently posted..Hospital Beds For Home UseMy Profile

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