(Update) When Life Kicks Your Butt – Kick It Right Back!

They say when it rains it pours and boy has it been pouring! This last month has been the most chaos I’ve lived through in a long time. Yesterday was the first chance I had to work in over three weeks.

You know what happens when I don’t work?

1. I don’t make nearly as much money which leads to stress and more chaos.

2. I get grumpy. Not just a little grumpy but VERY grumpy. I love my work and it’s what drives me. When I can’t work I’m simply not happy.

3. I  lose track of time. If it wasn’t for work I wouldn’t even look at a calendar. For the last three weeks if anyone had asked me what day of the week it was I would have had no idea.

I talk a little bit about what happened on my Facebook page. (I also made a new cover image earlier today to try out a new website I found. I think it looks pretty nice!)

Basically, my significant other’s grandmother recently woke up blind on one eye and the doctors said she would be going totally blind in the other soon. Her vision is deteriorating quickly.  We started spending more time helping her around the house, organizing things to help her adjust, and just spending time with her. Shortly after that a teenage family member went into rehab for drugs and Taylor’s grandpa also went to the hospital for internal bleeding. We still don’t know what caused that.

All of the stress was really getting to the grandparents and it’s been causing a lot of turbulence. We’re currently living with them to help them keep things running during this difficult adjustment. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, but they have custody of Taylor’s younger sister who is disabled. She can’t walk, speak, or eat and taking care of her is a full time job. They’re in their 60s and 70s so it can’t be easy!

I just spent the last month working hard to pay them back for the kindness they’ve shown me the last 10 years by being there for anything they need and we’ll be living her as long as they need us.

Now that we’ve finished things like organizing, making shelves, figuring out our living arrangements, and all of that I’ll finally be able to get back to work. I’m making a plan to make sure I have time.

There were a few other things that came out but out of respect for the privacy of other people involved I won’t be talking about them here.

Basically what it comes down to…

Life is kicking my butt. I’m gonna kick it back.

Today’s all about getting ready for a mini-release tomorrow. It’s going to be my first PLR pack to include social media graphics!

Just want to give a quick thank you to all of you who sent me messages and checked in with me. It means the world and helps keep me ready to kick butt.

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  1. That’s what happens when people LIKE seeing your face – you’re missed when you’re not showing it as often as you once did!

    I know I miss you lots!

    I hope your family troubles calm down to a point where you can sit down, relax and let the writing flow again. I know until that happens, you will do your best to make everything comfortable for all concerned.
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..What I Learned from My First WSO Product LaunchMy Profile

  2. So glad you’re kicking back. Life is constantly trying to kick our butts. The days it doesn’t seem to be kicking you, it’s usually regrouping so it can sucker punch you. Not meaning that in a negative way. We just have to stay on our toes and keep kicking.

    We lost my FIL in March and my MIL in early May. I definitely know the struggles when life throws you a curve ball. Glad things are settling in for you.
    Patti Stafford recently posted..Getting Rid of the NoiseMy Profile

  3. I know what this is like. I’ve been there. I hope you can find a way to work through it.
    Jenn Alex Brockman recently posted..Sargentno Ultra Thin Cheese – CrackersMy Profile

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