Using Social Media to Promote Amazon Review Sites

socialmediaI’ve been discussing my newest Amazon review site, Smooth Blenders, with you guys off and on and I’ve mentioned most of my traffic comes through social networking and shares. It’s coming from Facebook (a little bit) and Pinterest (most of it). Honestly, the Pinterest traffic isn’t really from my own pin, it’s through other people pinning.

I got quite a few emails asking how I was getting traffic to a review site from social media. Quite a few people said they tried it but it didn’t work. Well, I’m going to give you a tip that will hopefully change the way you think of review sites and social media.

People rarely tweet, Facebook share, or pin reviews.

That’s just how it is. No one wants to pin “Review of X-Brand Immersion Blender.” You know what they do share? Solutions to common problems, tips, recipes, and interesting content.

I’m going to keep using my blender website as an example. If I were to write a review of a Vitamix blender, I might get a few shares from smoothie enthusiasts who use the blender or are thinking about getting it, but not many, but if I post some tasty green smoothie recipes to my blog they’re sure to get a lot more shares because people love recipes. Well, in that recipe I can link to the Vitamix. Why? Because it’s great for making green smoothies. Cheap blenders tend to chop the leaves instead of grind them into the smoothies so they just aren’t as smooth without a higher powered blender.

Another option is to simply name your reviews something more interesting. Rather than “Review of Vitamix X” I could name it something like “What is the Best Blender for Making Green Smoothies?” I can discuss what makes some blenders better than others, maybe compare a few options, and end with which one would be the best for the job. It’s still a review and won’t get quite the social reach as the recipes, but it’ll get more than the basic review because it’s a question people are asking.

Of course, you can share your reviews as well, I always do. I get a little bit of traffic to them. Most will go to the more interesting articles and from there people click to my reviews. (I also get a nice bit of traffic from Google and Bing, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.)

When you’re planning your social media approach, it isn’t enough to set up the pages and start trying to gather likes. You need to think about the average person on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. What types of things are they actually interested in? What are they going to care enough about to read? What are they going to think is cool or interesting enough to share with their friends? Not you trying to sell to them, that’s for sure!

In the end it’s all about writing articles and blog posts that are informative, interesting, and entertaining. Create something that people want to share with their friends.

Can’t think of what kind of content to create that could get people sharing? Leave a comment or use the contact form to send me a message. It doesn’t matter your niche, there is always something worth sharing!

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  1. I don’t get that many shares, but I think I’m doing an ok job with the headlines. I get 25-50% on the headline analysis. It seems people read it, and then forget to share it. So that’s where my challenge lies.

    • Have you tried adding a call to action at the end? Every post should have a call to action, either asking them to share, comment, click something, or buy something. Give them some direction! Sometimes I’ll say something like “Like my Facebook page for more blog posts like this!” or “Check out some of these other blog posts you might be interested in.” Every once and a while (I try to switch between the type of call to action I use) add something like “If this was helpful/useful/interesting to you, don’t forget to share it on Facebook, tweet it to your friends, or give it a Google +1!” I ALWAYS get more shares when I do that.

  2. Those are some great tips! It seems that when we start out a lot of us (I know I did) will use a title of exactly what it is: “review of X”. I now spend more time to re-phrase the title, and capture the mind of the customer or viewer first. I have learned to let the creative side of my brain come out more, because the title is what grabs the readers. We don’t have much time to do that! I like your example of a nice pic of a yummy smoothie and recipe to grab attention. I love pics with colors and especially ones with food!
    ~ Jodene
    Jodene recently posted..Music to Regain Focus and Energy – 20 Songs to Boost Your EnergyMy Profile

    • I use “Review of X” sometimes. Sometimes that’s what gets the most Google traffic. When I’m reviewing a product I’ll usually check the competition on the first page for “Review of X” and if I think it’ll be easy to rank for I’ll do it. Then I link to them within more interestingly titled articles.

      Sometimes the “What is the best time of x for y” type reviews actually rank higher than “review of x” though, which is another huge bonus!

  3. All great tips Amanda! Good reminder for me to place a call to action when posting to Facebook. Thanks, Wendy
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted..Good Health Tip Of The DayMy Profile

    • A lot of people think that you don’t need to. I mean, people aren’t dumb, they know how to like a Facebook page. The thing is, unless you directly ask them to they just may not think of it! The power of suggestion is strong.

  4. What a wonderful way to get people back to your review site — offering a recipe! Classy example of a savvy mind at work. Thanks for sharing Amanda!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Fix Your Attention on What You Want MostMy Profile

    • That’s why I like authority blogging. Sure, you can just write reviews for the “buying” traffic, but why stop there? Why not build a community and a following by sharing information that pulls in the people who are still “just looking”? Through authority blogging you can attract both!

  5. Thanks for reminding us to give a call to action. I never think to do that.
    Becky recently posted..Melissa & Doug Toys PLR PackMy Profile

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