Vlog #10: Take a Deep Breath – Not Letting Stress Get in the Way

Hey guys! Here is vlog #10. I know a lot of people are done with the vlogging challenge now that they’ve hit 30 but you’ll be seeing a lot more vlogs from me.

These PLR site issues are driving me mad. I’ve got this big sale going and tons of PLR to release. If I can get it figured out this weekend I’ll release the packs for all of the days that were skipped and leave them discounted for a few extra days so people have a chance to get them.

The power being out was planned by the county but I totally forgot about it and it totally set my entire day back so far that I was behind on everything I had planned. I did get my planning task done yesterday though. It was to find and bookmark video game blogs and sites where I want to start commenting and getting involved with the community.

I woke up to all of the panic about the Squidoo update. It made a few of my lenses look AWFUL! I only have about 70 lenses to fix but I know a few people that have over 1000. I couldn’t image…

I found this software called SquidCrafter that creates great looking product boxes very easily and I reviewed it. The review is in two parts.

Read part one here, part 2 here, or check out the sales page here.

Dealing With Stress in Work

I’m usually very good at dealing with stress. I have some simple steps.

  1. Take a deep breath and calm down.
  2. Walk away from work for at least 15 minutes.
  3. When I’m ready to come back, create a very short list of only the most important things I need to do.
  4. Do those things and nothing else for now. Everything else can wait until these important things are done.
  5. By the time those first things are done I’ve usually got a handle on myself. If not, I can pick another task or take the rest of the night off to clear my head.

I actually came out of this bout with stress well because while I was away from the computer I was coming up with idea after idea for blog posts! Many were because of things I read in Blogging With John Chow so I’m already enjoying the benefits of having bought the course.

That’s it for me! I’ll see you in tomorrow’s video.

How do you deal when stress threatens to get the best of you?

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  1. I freak out, rant and cry – call my Mom and then get butt in gear and nose to the grindstone until I work it out. LOL

    That’s all that works for me 😉
    Tiffany recently posted..30 Day Vlog Challenge Day 30 – The End.My Profile

    • I closed my laptop, tossed a pillow across the room, ranted a bit, and went outside. Taylor just looked at me like I was crazy until I explained what happened with losing all of my work on the review. lol

  2. Amanda, W-O-W! What a lot of challenges you had to deal with in one day. You have fortitude and persistence – two things not everyone has. No wonder you’re succeeding in your online efforts!! 🙂

    For me, one thing after another seems to go wrong, I often will take a walk with the dogs or go on a bike ride with the dogs. Fresh air really helps clear the stress.
    Tiffiney Cowan recently posted..PLR Images for Facebook – ArchitectureMy Profile

  3. Hi Amanda,

    I had a massive bug with my wordpress site a couple of days ago and I thought it had to do with plug ins! I disabled all them, and turned each one of them individually….and found the culprit! Re-installed it and it’s fine now!

    As for taking a break when I go crazy, I do meditation! I use Brainsync! It’s magical! They are guided meditations and frankly they work wonderfully! I sometimes go for a run too! It helps! And, at times I can’t find peace so I leave the stuff aside and do something different until I muster up the courage to come back and get on with things!

    I try to listen to signs and my instinct…and it works!!

    Hope you’ve managed to fix your squidoo lenses! I have to do some for my ghostwriting site, but have always been ” scared” of Squidoo!! I know they deleted plenty of lenses a while ago and I don’t want to work for nothing ,lol!

    Have a great Sunday!


    • They delete lenses that are on Squid Don’t topics, which are the types where you tend to find the most scammers. They also don’t allow duplicate content. If you follow the rules, you are very unlikely to have anything deleted. I know I haven’t had an issue with it!

      I’m still going through disabling my plugins to see which may be doing it. Hopefully I figure it out soon because I have a backlog of PLR to release as part of the 31 day sale.

      I fixed a few Squidoo lenses but I’m only doing about 3 a day for now.
      Amanda T recently posted..Vlog #10: Take a Deep Breath – Not Letting Stress Get in the WayMy Profile

  4. When I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed I head out with the dogs. We may go for a walk in the woods or to the dog park or just in the backyard.

    I completely forget that I’m an adult and run around with them for a while. By the time I come back inside it’s usually all better. If it’s not, I read some good fiction or my favorite blogs or chat with a friend on Skype.

    If I’m still feeling stressed I’ll just stop and do a few downward dogs or full sun salutations. That usually wipes it all away from my body and mind and then I can get on with the get on.
    Minna Bryant recently posted..Hello, Goodbye & Hello Again Vlog Challenge Day 30My Profile

  5. Amanda,

    I’m still catching up on vlogs and am so glad that I made it over here.

    During the years that my mom was alive and when I had my own home, I dealt with stress by doing yard work. I absolutely love being outside and whether it was raking leaves or mowing the lawn or planting flowers… Heck, even helping my mom wash the windows during spring housecleaning… All of it was a huge stress reliever for me.

    For now, since I haven’t found any apartment manager people that will let me do THEIR yard work, I typically use housecleaning to relieve stress. Doing the dishes, vacuuming, sweeping off the patio, or just organizing a couple of drawers at a time… All of that helps me too.

    My personal belief is that usually when I’m stressed, it’s over things that are outside of my control. Yard work and housework is controllable. I don’t have to think about how to do it. There is a beginning and an end to it. And no matter how big or how small the job is, when I’m done I’ve always accomplished SOMETHING. 🙂
    Debi J recently posted..Outsourcing, Squid Pro Quo and SquidCrafter (a New Squidoo PlugIn)… I’m SO Excited!My Profile

  6. Oh NOOO Amanda! Sounds like a rough couple of days! I hope you were able to get everything fixed. If I’m stressed I’ll take a deep breathe and relax as well. Then find out what I can do to be productive. If there’s nothing more I can do I’ll go play with the kids or workout. Sounds like you are taking the right actions!
    Lisa recently posted..Day 14 Vlog Challenge – Help and NetworkMy Profile

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