Vlog #3: How Vlogging Helps My “Perfectionist” Issue

Hey guys! Here is vlog #3. Yesterday I made a screencast for SquidsPro rather than vlogging. You can check that out here. It may be very helpful if you use Squidoo at all.

I really struggle with being a perfectionist because I don’t want to put out things that aren’t great, but sometimes that can just hold you back so much! Adapting and doing is so important and this vlogging challenge has been a huge help. Before the vlogging challenge I would have trashed that screencast and done it some other time or not have done it to start because I hadn’t used the software yet.

Today I wore my headset and the audio quality is better but I can’t wait for my Blue Yeti to get here!

In the comments below:

If you have been in the vlog challenge, what have you learned and how has it helped you? If you aren’t, what’s holding you back?

Be sure to check out some of the other vloggers in the challenge! You can find a list here: Theory & Profit

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  1. Good for you Amanda! I love that you’re continuing even though circumstances are what you’d like them to be. It makes me think of what I’ve heard some people say about doing anything online: If you wait ’til it’s perfect you won’t ever release it.

    Keep those videos coming Amanda! You’re doing great! 🙂
    Tiffiney Cowan recently posted..Pinterest Pictures PLR Images – Inspiring Quotes by Women SunsetsMy Profile

  2. Perfectionism is the poison to productivity, Amanda! Everything online is editable 🙂 You’re right!
    Tiffany recently posted..Testing Dragon Naturally SpeakingMy Profile

  3. Definitely keep them coming. I’ve got that perfectionist thing too and it’s funny, of the things I’ve gotten out there, no one notices what’s wrong. If they do, they aren’t commenting on it, so I know it’s not a big deal to them.

    That’s for sure one way the vlogging challenge has helped me. It’s also helping me create some better habits and get more done.
    Minna Bryant recently posted..Connect With PEOPLE Because We’re Not Traffic, We’re VisitorsMy Profile

  4. LOL we could have had fun hearing your teeth chatter from the cold lol! Yeah Jing cuts off at 5mins oh no! I’m glad you are enjoying the challenge. It’s not so bad after you get over the feelings of needing everything just right.

    The vlog challenge is helping me rethink and retool for better positioning and overall strategy. It’s also helping me focus a little more. Although I let it get in the way of product creation tonight :(. Will have to do double duty tomorrow.
    Lisa recently posted..Day 10 Vlog ChallengeMy Profile

  5. You are so right, especially in online marketing right now, one of the most important things in moving forwards is getting ideas out of your head and into the world. Sometimes that´s the fastest way for them to get better anyway.
    Although I have this down a little bit too good. I should think a little bit more about some ideas and hold back I guess.
    Props for getting your cast out there! Hope you get out many more.
    Bram de Haas recently posted..You might also like this / Annoying ADS on SquidooMy Profile

  6. That perfectionist tendency is something I think women more than men suffer from. Not sure why, but I suffer with it also. You’re really an inspiration Amanda so keep at it!
    Clara recently posted..Natural Skin Care ProductsMy Profile

  7. I agree. Sometimes you have to just put it out there. There have been times when I’ve redone a video but for the most part I just put it out or else I might get stuck on getting it just right and not putting it out there.

    Kudos to you sticking with it Amanda!
    Jenn recently posted..I’M 40!My Profile

  8. Hi Amanda,

    Congrats on getting out there and doing it! I still have not done it and I am very ashamed to admit that. But I am going to start today or tomorrow. Glad that someone else is early in the challenge too.

    By the way, I too hate the cold, I would never be brave enough to fight the cold to do my vlog. Go you!

  9. I have been struggling a bit, I have edited a few bits out of my video, and one day I re-recorded it like 3 times, but most of the time I’ve been trying to push myself just to get it out there. I think I’ll get even better at it with a few more vlogs. I really like what Minna said above about people not even noticing or mentioning what’s wrong anyway!
    Ruth P recently posted..The Benefits Of Video Blogging – Vlog Day 7My Profile

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