[Vlog] 3 Reasons You Should Always Be Learning and New Books

When I started working online it was a huge learning experience. Once I got a handle on the basics I told myself I wouldn’t stop learning because once you stop learning you stop moving forward. Β It’s not just business, you should always be taking time to learn and develop yourself. One of the ways I make sure I’m always learning is through reading. I recently realized it had been a while since I read a book so I asked the awesome Tiffany Lambert if she had any suggestions. I know she talks about books she’s reading on her blog quite often.

I requested a bunch of books from the library and today I went to pick them up and I’m so excited to dig in!

Watch the video or scroll down and read the text below.

Learning is so important. We all know that, but why is it something we should dedicate time to when we could be using that time for other tasks?

1. When you work online there is going to be an audience you are trying to serve. Niches change and evolve. New strategies within your niche will appear. New research, new ideas… if you aren’t taking time to learn you have less knowledge to pass on to your audience. If you’re in the diet niche you should be reading about different diets and studies so you can pass on valuable insights.

2. As a niche leader or coach you want to know how to share your message more effectively. Reading books on teaching, learning, and leadership can all help a lot. Most of the books I picked up are about leadership or personal development.

3. Learning is a key part of happiness. The most successful and happy people all make time for personal development. It keeps the brain strong, keeps you thinking, and makes sure you don’t end up stagnating.

Here are the books I picked up today in case you want to check any of them out.

If you were interested in the diet books I mentioned you can find those here:

I’m still deciding which to dig into first. Tomorrow I’ll write a bit about how I find time to fit learning into my daily activities but for today…

Let me know in the comments:

How do you fit learning into your busy schedule? What books have you read recently?

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  1. I agree with you and learning is one of my life basics. I don’t think everyone has to do a PhD but improving yourself and your skills throughout your life is good. I try to learn a little bit every day and internet is a huge resource for that

  2. I definitely agree with learning new things, and staying on top of the new research in your industry. I make it a point to learn something new every day. Sometimes it happens when I least expect it, but other times I purposely go out of my way to learn something new about a subject.

    • I make it my goal to spend at least 15 minutes each day reading about something that will help me with my business. It’s also a great way to disconnect from the computer for a bit. πŸ˜‰

  3. I’ve spent my former career in learning and development so you won’t hear me disagreeing!

    Since I’ve been more online focused I have to say I’ve been hankering for the tactile reassurance and structure of a physical book. These days that’s more for pleasure (although I do tend to analyse plot, characters and story structure!).

    Most of my learning is disjointed so I’ve started putting my learning content in one place so I can refer back to it and not lose it on my hard drive or the web!

    Be interested to see which book you pick up first πŸ˜‰

    • I can learn through ebooks but when I sit down and read a physical book I know I’m really going to dedicate my time to it. I’m not going to tab out to check my email. It’s easier for me to take notes. I can bookmark/highlight when I buy my books. In this case I’ll be bookmarking important pages I want to photocopy for my inspiration wall. πŸ™‚

  4. Great to see you getting back into video.

    I am trying to learn things to improve my online work. I learn and then implement. Some things work out, others don’t but that is OK.

  5. Those are some great finds. Just yesterday I got out a stack of books to read again and was thinking about heading to the library this week sometime to get some more. I’ve noticed lately that reading has been put on the back-burner and I miss it.

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