Vlog #6: 2013 Planning Day 2 – Planning my Squidoo Guide

Today I filmed my sixth vlog and Runty decided my mic looked tasty part way through. I’ll post up the video and then type down below it.

Yesterday I posted up my 30 day plan for planning for 2013 as part of Tiffany Dow’s new challenge. You can check out that post here.

Today’s Planning Task:

Today’s planning task was to set up a survey about Squidoo to get some ideas of what people are struggling with and to do a broad outline for my Squidoo product. I’ve got the outline done and I’ve had quite a few people fill it out. If you write for Squidoo or would like to but have something holding you back I’d love it if you’d answer a few questions. The survey is 9 questions and 100% anonymous.

Click here and fill out the survey.

For my outline I’ve got a list of chapters and a few things I’d like to cover from the survey. I’m going to include my method of creating lenses but I want to cover these issues people say they are having even after reading guides so the full outline will need to wait until the survey has been up for a few days.

Today’s Daily Tasks:

I mentioned that I had a few things I was doing each day. In December I’m releasing a new pack everyday and today’s was a pack on 2013 Wii U Games. It was so much fun to write because I love video games. It showed me even more why I need to do this video game blog! I’m going to have a blast with it. The Wii U Games pack is only discounted until midnight, so be sure to pick it up if that’s something you want to promote.

I planned out a Squidoo lens today and I’m in the middle of posting it up. I’ll come back and edit into the post later today. I’m also going to be posting up a bit about the survey over on SquidsPro.

Speaking of SquidsPro, the Squid Pro Quo giveaway is almost over! If you don’t have the guide yet, it’s awesome. It’s one of the best Squidoo guides out there if your goal is to make Amazon commissions. Click here and enter to win a free copy!

I’m going to miss the vlogging challenge.

One of my favorite parts of this vlogging challenge is that so many of you are updating your blogs everyday with new vlogs. I’m going to miss it! I’ve made checking everyone’s blog part of my daily activity. Don’t let the end of the challenge keep you from updating regularly! At the very least I know I’ll still be checking back daily.

Have a great day! I’m going to go watch The Walking Dead and finish up my work for the day.

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  1. Couldn’t see the video Amanda. 🙁

    I’ll go do the survey.
    LOVE Walking Dead! Didn’t watch last night yet though.
    Tiffany recently posted..Squidoo Outline OfferMy Profile

    • Thanks for doing the survey! I always end up watching Walking Dead right after it ends on the east coast and I can watch it online. Normally I’ve watched it before it’s even on here on the west coast! lol

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Tiffany caught me by surprise with her latest Marketing Plan 2013 challenge, but I did start my Marketing Plan with today’s vlog, and tomorrow I will map out the 30 days and show what I’ll be doing.

    I really need to get this done, as I want to commit to a plan and follow through with it. I also need to finish my review of her Squidoo guide. I was unable to do it this weekend because of going to a client’s office.

    And then… catching up to the Marketing Plan challenge this week. So hopefully, tomorrow I can finish my review.

    You have some great plans here.. I will be around to see it come to fruition! 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Video Challenge – Day #27My Profile

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