Vlog: It’s Only the 8th. Don’t Give Up Yet! + Updates

It was nice to vlog again. I’m all cozy in my pajamas so I’ll be headed to bed! I actually didn’t press the record button the first time so I just talked at the computer and when I went to press the “stop” button I realized my mistake and had to start over. >_< Let’s see if I can get the links to all of the things I mentioned in the video.

So, now I want to ask you a question. What have you been doing in the last week to work towards your goals? Have you already fallen off track? Do you have a plan to get back on track? My virtual doors are always open. You can Tweet me, leave me a message on my FB page, leave a comment, or even just send me an email. Let me help you get back on track for 2013.

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  1. So good to see you up, Amanda!
    I’m excited (and anticipating) your new Squidoo guide!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Do You Crave Internet Marketing Popularity?My Profile

  2. Amanda you and Bonnie are the two most prevalent people I see doing so many things right right now.

    1. You built professional sites. Not some slapped up temp home.
    2. You’re multi pronging your businesses – reviews, Squidoo, products, etc.
    3. You’re engaging socially – on blogs, Twitter, FB, etc.
    4. You’re inviting people to let you be there for them. Open door.
    5. You both don’t have a quitter’s attitude – it’s realistic and long term.
    6. You’re both putting yourself out there – pushing past fears, doing vlogs, etc.

    You’re both amazing me. I see so few people make it. Correction – ETHICALLY. I LOVE seeing this kind of success and your communities are both growing, building fans – it’s something wonderful to see unfold. And I’m addicted to your sites 🙂

    Now on to your question – I was sick week 1. So I was behind on that big master plan of tasks I had mapped out. I am almost all caught up now! Almost. I worked 18 hours yesterday – 3 AM until 9 PM. I stopped only to take my kids TO school (Mom brought them home) and cook some grits, which I failed to add salt to so I was a shamed Southerner. Oh and of course I held my babies when they got home 🙂 Made dinner…

    Anyway – this is my business, so I am responsible for it. I kick my own butt. I enjoyed it though. Plan to do it again today from 6 AM to 9 PM 🙂 Get all caught up.

    Feel better!
    Tiffany Dow recently posted..Blogging With John Chow Review Part 17: Days 13 and 14My Profile

    • Aww, thanks! Seeing that brightened up my morning.

      I know some people really struggle to kick their own butt when they need to. It’s easy to pass on the blame or spiral into a “there is nothing I can do” mindset and learning to avoid that really is one of the keys to success. You’ve gotta take the bull by the horns and make your business take you where you want to go!
      Amanda T recently posted..Vlog: It’s Only the 8th. Don’t Give Up Yet! + UpdatesMy Profile

  3. Hi, I was intrigued by your comment on Tiffany Dow’s blog post about not whining and popped over to your blog. I’m glad I did, and I’m glad your back is getting better!

    I’m not that knowledgeable about Facebook outside of how to play Chefville. Is the ‘fan page’ separate from your main account? My main account is mainly a few people I know and a whole lot of people who play Facebook games. I don’t think any of them have any interest in internet marketing. I’d love a way to have a Facebook presence for my business stuff that was different from my personal stuff.
    Katie recently posted..30 Minutes a Day Challenge UpdateMy Profile

  4. Great vlog Amanda! I’m glad you’re starting to feel better! I love your advice about not giving up yet on your goals! I’m already a bit behind where I wanted to be. In the past I would have really beat myself up and tried to take the work I didn’t get done one day and add it to the next plus finish what I had scheduled for that day. It was making me a little crazy. 🙂

    This year I’m making my “to do” schedule but it’s a little generic. For example, instead of a specific project, it says “5 pages of ghostwriting”. Then if it doesn’t get done, I just let it go and move on to the next day. This has kept me from feeling overwhelmed and anxious. 🙂

    Thanks for the pep talk!

  5. Great point about people giving up on their goals! I guess it can come from overwhelm, when people want things to be done *yesterday* and don’t want to wait. I want to get over that this year and think long term. So far so good 🙂
    Ruth P recently posted..A Simple Habit To Improve Your Biz &#8211; Vlog Day 20My Profile

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