Well Paid Content Writer Review: Earn $40 or More Per Article? – Part 1

articlesYou ever have one of those days where you struggle to stay on task? I’ve been talking to people about diversifying and a lot of them have said their main issue right now is that they need NOW money, not later money. A lot of people are struggling with debt, unexpected expenses, back to school, and things like that. Normally my go-to product for ghostwriting is Ghostwriting Cash by Tiffany Lambert (formerly Dow), but while I was off task I found myself in the WSO forum. This product called “Well Paid SEO Content Writer” caught my attention.

The headline claimed it would help you earn $40 or more per article. I’ve had clients pay me well over $100 for articles in the past so I know there are people out there that pay, but they take a lot more work to find. The price was low, only $10. I figured, why not? I haven’t reviewed something recently and if it’s good I know it can help a lot of you out.

The first thing I did was head over to WarriorPlus to become an affiliate. I always do this first rather than reading the product first because whether it’s good or not, I’d be going through with the review.

Well, he was nice enough to give me a review copy when I told him I wanted to review it here. I didn’t ask, he offered. If he checked out my site and my reviews ahead of time that shows he is at least confident his product doesn’t suck.

The Sales Page

His sales page focuses on an important point that freelancers need to realize. The difference between a $10 per article writer and a $50 per article writer isn’t necessarily skill. A lot of great writers are writing for pennies right now. It’s that the higher paid writers know where to find the clients that pay!

It’s very straight forward. He mentions a lot of the frustrations that penny per word writers face and follows it up with a bunch of glowing reviews. I see some names I recognize but there are very few people who’s reviews I fully trust on WSOs.

He doesn’t sell an “overnight” system which is important. He isn’t afraid to tell you that this WILL take work. Honesty is important.

He lists what you’re going to learn in this report and it’s all important stuff.

One thing he does that I don’t see often is teaching about writing SEO content. I hate worrying about keywords and LSIs but if you’re writing for people online, clients are going to ask you to use them from time to time and you need to know how unless you plan on passing on those jobs.

There’s a 30 day refund policy so if it’s crap there is alway that.

Ugh… the dreaded “buy this before I list it on ClickBank” P.S. I hate those. Most of the time they never do it. I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if he actually closes down the WSO at some point.

The sales copy makes the product look promising. Whether it’ll deliver is another story. We’ll see!

If you want to check out the product for yourself, click here.

Part two where I actually open up the product and see what it’s all about will be up this evening so watch for it!

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  1. Hi Amanda,
    This sounds like a really excellent product. I look forward to hearing if it lives up to its claims. People in the Warrior Forum seemed to be happy with it, but there were no testimonials to prove that it actually worked.

    Look forward to your findings 🙂
    Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa recently posted..Paper Template – WordPress Sales Page Template Plugin – A ReviewMy Profile

    • I haven’t opened it up. I do know he already updated the product with more information based on reviews which shows he cares. He sent me the updated version which has quite a few more pages and he sent it out to all of the buyers for free. It’s a sign of a good product creator!

  2. It will be interesting to see if he really does list it in Clickbank for $49. 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..90 Day Product Creation Challenge, Day 55My Profile

  3. Good review, Amanda. I’ll be waiting on Part 2. Thank you!

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