Well Paid Content Writer Review Part 2 – Earn Money Writing SEO Friendly Articles

articlesIt’s time to dig in and see if Well Paid Content Writer will teach us what it promises – how to earn $40 or more per article as a freelance writer.

(Click here if you missed part one of the review.)

The original file was 38 pages long but he actually updated the product already to include more information. It’s now 50 pages long. That’s the way to do it! When people are confused with a part of your product, you fix it. I just wanted to start by mentioning that because it seems that product creators who care about their customers are becoming a rarity.

The first big negative for me is that not only is there no clickable table of contents, but there is no table of contents at all! I hate opening up a product and not being able to get the overview right to start.

The author talks about how he didn’t even graduate from high school so you don’t need schooling to be a good writer. That’s so true! I did take college English classes, but I didn’t go there for English. I learned Japanese, Chemistry, Math, and Nutrition. I actually failed English in high school and had to redo it in summer school! It wasn’t that I was bad at it, it was that I hated writing. Boy how things have changed!

He used to write for a newspaper and also wrote three books with a museum before writing online. That’s pretty cool.

It’s a pretty standard introduction talking about how he got where he is and how you can also do it. Not that it’s bad, I just know right now I’m much more interested in the meat of the product.

He says this product will lay out a step-by-step plan to earning much more money per article.

Now, I don’t really freelance often but I know it’s the easiest way for me to make ends meet. I’d love to be able to take on one or two higher paying clients and spend the rest of the time working on things I enjoy, even if they don’t make as much money.

How to Become a Well-Paid SEO Content Writer

I totally agree with his reasoning for why most people don’t earn much. So many people think clients won’t pay more than a cent per word but I KNOW that isn’t true.

Instead, he talks about where to find clients that are actually willing to pay good money for clients.

This report is different than a lot of freelance writing guides because it’s all about finding clients while also touching a bit on writing good content while most are the other way around.

Article Structure Forumlas

This is a very basic one page chapter about the general format of articles. If you write articles online you already know all of this stuff.

The Anatomy of SEO Content

As someone who doesn’t really do SEO, I do see the benefit of it when it comes to certain types of businesses, such as offline local businesses trying to get traffic to their page. I did study writing SEO content for a while but since writing highly optimized articles is a lot more work than simply writing engaging articles, I stopped offering it for my normal prices. This chapter starts to explain what makes it so much more time consuming.

Latent Semantic Indexing

It was never keyword density that made SEO writing annoying, it was LSIs. Learning to use them effectively while still allowing your articles to sound natural is the exact skill you’ll need to be a great SEO writer.

If you don’t know what LSIs are, he gives a brief history of them.

Google’s ‘Inner Circle’ of Results

Some information about how Google ranks things. Not that interesting to me but it might be to you.

Backlinks, Backlinks, Backlinks

His view on backlinks (and why they aren’t as important as some people think) totally lines up with my opinion on it. Content is more important.

How to Write SEO Content in 2013

Is this it? Are we finally getting to the meat of the product?

Okay, so he talks a bit about how content can rank for multiple keywords and all of that. From this point on I’m going to stop listing each chapter because they’re all pretty short. It’ll be easier to just mention when I come across something worth mentioning.

He shares a really handy tool for finding LSIs. I never really had to look for my own when writing SEO content because the client always gave me the list but it’s good to know how to find them for yourself.

You do get an example along the way. He’s showing you how to pick all of the best words to use in your article to make it super SEO friendly and gives you the list he came up with so you can see how it works. He even gives you a sample article to show how he worked all of the words in without sounding stuffed.

The sample is a bit stiff but I can see that it’s not too hard to make it work. I’d probably add a lot more personality. I hate boring articles.

At the end of this section he links to a paid tool but when I look it doesn’t really look like it makes things any easier than using the free options.

Well, this is getting pretty long so I’ll end it here. It looks like the next section starts talking about positioning yourself to get clients which is what we really care about.

Current opinion: His thoughts about getting paid more that I’ve seen so far are spot on. The information about writing SEO friendly content in 2013 is solid. The only downside is that I’m pretty bored reading the product. Good information that’s not presented in a way I enjoy reading. Oh well, I’m reading to learn – not to be entertained. Hopefully I pull some nuggets out of the second half.

Click here to check out Well Paid Content Writer for yourself.

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  1. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one getting aggravated that it’s taking so long to get to the “good stuff” in this report. LOL

    I was so pissed that there was no TOC too! Read my review and check out how similar we feel! It’s scary! Great minds think alike! 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Is The Well-Paid SEO Content Writer 2013 the Article Writer’s Dream Guide to Higher Pay? – Review Part 2-7My Profile

  2. I look forward to when this guy gets to the meat and potatoes of this book. The backstory is OK, but that isn’t the reason why people choose to buy this is it?

    You have a similar opinon to Bonnie Gean. Can’t wait to see what you think when he actally gets to the “How To” part. Great reveiw so far Amanda. Thanks
    Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa recently posted..The PLR Boutique PLR Sale – Buy 2 PLR Packs for $5My Profile

  3. I want to check this out, but I’ll definitely wait until you’ve vetted it thoroughly. I don’t have time to waste (or ten bucks) for something that just doesn’t give a good return. I mostly ghostwrite right now, and although I’m not raking in the big bucks, I know it can be pretty lucrative with the right clients. I’ve been lucky to find one who pays fairly well for the work, but my time is pretty limited and it would be so nice if I could find more high paying gigs so I wouldn’t waste so much time knocking out great content for next to nothing!
    Jessica Woods recently posted..Save Money on Back to School ItemsMy Profile

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