What Are PLR Articles?

In the comments on one of my earlier blog posts I was asked exactly what PLR is. I’m going to do a bit of content repurposing and help you understand exactly what PLR articles are and how they can help you in your business.

What do I know about PLR? Not only do I own PLR Content Market, but I also use PLR in some way on every single one of my websites! It’s a huge time and money saver and it allows me to do more much faster.

Now, let’s dive right in! What is PLR and why is it useful?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR content can be anything from articles and ebooks to graphics and WordPress themes. No matter what form of media, PLR still means the same thing.
The main difference between buying PLR and commissioning work is that the content has already been created and is not created specifically for you. PLR sellers will sell the item to multiple people. Private label rights grant you the right to use the materials as your own. I’ll use articles as my main example.
When you are given or purchase a PLR article, you are granted certain rights. The terms of these rights will vary depending on who you buy the article from so be sure to check before making the purchase. Common terms of PLR content are:
➢ You may put your own name on the article.
➢ You may edit the article as you wish.
➢ You may sell the article as part of a bundle.
➢ You may publish the article in any type of physical form.
Basically, you are granted the rights to use the article as you wish, though some providers do have some restrictions. Many do not allow you to resell the items with private label rights or put it on a PLR membership site. Make sure you check what’s included in the private label rights before you make a purchase.
PLR can be a great choice for people on a budget but without the time or skills to create their own content. Say you are in need of 10 new articles for your website,  backlinks, or even autoresponder emails. Writing these yourself would take hours. Hiring a ghostwriter could cost $150 or more. By looking around for some PLR articles you could save yourself a lot of time and money, finding the articles for as low as $1 each! As an added bonus, you can reuse these articles more than once in different forms.
Are you already a great writer? PLR can still help you. PLR articles already have the research done for you. It’s so simple to take a PLR article and make it your own. I wrote a tutorial for rewriting PLR and you can read it here.
Tip: PLR is often confused with MRR, or master resale rights. These are NOT the same! MRR means you have the right to sell or use the product, but not to edit it. This means no rewriting it, putting your name on it, or even changing the links inside without getting permission from the original author.

In the comments below:

Do you have any other questions about PLR? I’d be happy to answer them for you in the comments or in another blog post!

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  1. Thanks for the great explanation! It was pretty confusing at first. But the PLR seller keeps the right to sell the article to as many people as he wants I understand. Hmm curious how demand is. Cool that you set that up. I’ll keep it in the back of my head.
    Bram de Haas recently posted..6 TIPS for Lensrank ManagementMy Profile

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