What Is The Best IM Product?

I get asked this at least once every few hours that I am online. Everyone wants a product that will take them from newbie to millionaire as fast as possible. Many newbies and even experienced marketers buy product after product hoping it’ll teach them the “trick” or “secret” to making money with the least amount of effort.

The problem is that marketers know that. When you browse the WSO forum or look at IM products, many marketers are working hard to convince you that THEY have just what you need… that THEIR product is the answer to your prayers.

The key is realizing there is no “trick” or “secret.” There are only methods and none of them are “magical.” Every aspect of IM is going to take time and work. If someone tries to tell you it isn’t, they are likely trying to sell you some shiny push button program that isn’t going to work.

Honestly, anything you want to know about Internet marketing, you can find for free by searching Google, reading online marketing blogs, or going to forums like the Warrior Forum and looking. Of course, if you want to know something specific, sometimes it is just worth the money to have everything laid out in an easy to absorb format.

The “best IM product” also has a lot to do with what you actually learn about. Normally I don’t recommend buying full courses unless you are new and have decided to follow that model. Otherwise it is better to pick products that will enhance your CURRENT business model.

If you were interested in learning to use an autoresponder I may send you to where you can download my free start-up guide to email marketing, List Building Basics.

If you wanted to start promoting ClickBank offers, I would tell you to look at Rapid Affiliate System by Tom Ness, the exact product I used to learn how to set up ClickBank sites.

If you need to learn SEO basics, I would say to check out WordPress SEO Wizard by Matt Roe (click here to read my review of it).

Now, if you were in need of more advanced information, this changes a lot.

Basically, what I am trying to say is:

There is no best IM product!

There are so many out there and I have yet to find a course that covers everything that is actually any good. You need to know what you want to learn BEFORE you start looking for a product.

Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage. Quit buying things that aren’t going to help you. Use free information to decide what you want to do and if you feel like buying a product to help you once you have picked your business model, do your research and avoid anyone who is telling you IM is going to be easy. No matter what you do, it is going to take time, work, and likely some money. On the bright side, it can also be TONS of fun!

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  1. IM is all about perseverance. That’s what I am learning. Thanks for this great post, Amanda!

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