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Amanda T

That’s me! I don’t usually get my picture taken… my hair is always a mess and I can’t smile for pictures.

The first thing people seem to ask me when they talk to me is, “So, what do you do?” I always cringe a little at that question because most people have such a cut and clear answer to it. Most people say they do things like build Adsense sites, promote Amazon products, write, or create products.

Well, I don’t really have a cut and clear answer because I do everything I can get my hands on! I know, I know… focus is important and you shouldn’t spread yourself too thin… but I just find something very enjoyable about having a bunch of projects going and doing a little of everything.

You see, I came across IM about a year ago. Yes, I realize that means I haven’t been in the field long, but I’ve had great success. I’m a very fast learner and love what I’m doing. Not to mention, I have tons of time on my hands.

I don’t see myself as an Internet Marketer as much as I see myself as a housewife, which is what I’ve been doing for years. I do love being a housewife. I love being with my family and taking care of my home. The thing is, as time went on I started wanting to do more. I’m 23 years old and I couldn’t help but feel like I needed more in my life. I started trying different hobbies and I tried learning about all kinds of things because I love to read and learn. I started writing as a hobby, sewing, all kinds of things. They were fun, but I still felt like it wasn’t right.

As time went on I also started noticing our money not stretch nearly as far as it used to. This got me thinking… what if my hobby could earn me money? I went off in search of ways to make money from home. I’ve got a good eye for scams so I was able to keep from getting scammed out of money while doing this, but my first few opportunities didn’t make me much money. First I tried surveys for money. I made about $20 and just decided it wasn’t worth it. Later I tried something called ChaCha where you answered questions for people who texted in. I made about $100 on that but it was at about $2/hr.

Later I came across Warrior Forum. I started absorbing all of the free information. I learned about Amazon sites, Fiverr, affiliate marketing, and so much more. I was just reading everything. Finally, I was ready to start something. I started with writing since I didn’t have any start up money. I met a writer who offered me $20 to write some articles for him, the stipulation being I needed to use that money to post a Warriors for Hire thread to advertise my services. That thread became very popular! I was making hundreds of dollars writing for people on WF. I was so happy! I invested a bit to start my first website, a website to advertise my writing services called Writing by Amanda.

I got into several other methods of making money online. I promote ClickBank products, Amazon products, I write PLR articles for people, I do Kindle publishing, create my own products, and much more!

I hope you’ll follow me and continue the adventure with me. Internet marketing is something I love and am very passionate about. I’m very excited to share my passion with you!

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  1. This is what I seem to be doing now, a little of everything. I am a VA-writer for over a year now and has been giving VA training but it feels like its not enough. Thanks, Amanda! I am assured I am getting somewhere in this online world. I am a single-mother and learning so much for a non-techie person like me can be a handful sometimes. But it feels like the universe is conspiring to bless me bringing me generous people like you to help out newbies like me.

  2. Open and honest. Refreshing to hear. Amanda. Good luck with your continuing adventures!

    • Thanks! Honestly I just want to share my passion with people and help them see success. There is nothing like making a living doing something you enjoy without having to give up time with your family.

  3. That’s great, Amanda! Thanks for sharing your story! You’ve really done so much in such a little time. I had no idea you only came across IM just a year ago! 🙂

    • Ya. I had a little web design and computer experience before I found IM, but everything else I learned from WF and almost all of it I learned for free. Of course, a bit of luck was involved like how I found that first client, but it has been a long and hard journey so far. I’m very happy to be succeeding with something I enjoy so much.

  4. Great to learn a bit more about your journey – like Nathan I didn’t realise you’d only been doing it for a year, but things seem to be going very well!
    Ruth recently posted..Everything I Know About Making Money Selling PLR Articles (My Ultimate Guide)My Profile

    • Looking back I signed up for WF on 04-18-2011. I bought my first week and a half I believe. I made my first post there the day I signed up and was so excited to see it grow to 3 pages of people trying to help me out. Being welcomed with open arms was really a big help when I had no idea what I was doing.

      Since then I’ve been trying to give back and help everyone else as a thank you to all of those that helped me and continue to help me on my adventure.

  5. Your story is inspiring…..I’ve gotten a kick now. Thanks.
    okechukwu recently posted..12 TOP WAYS TO CHOOSE A GOOD DOMAIN NAME.My Profile

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