Work Life Balance Without Excuses Part 2 – Getting a Handle on Mindset

ecover_largeTired of feeling like you don’t have time to run your business and deal with life? I know that feeling all to well. Work Life Balance Without Excuses by Tiffany Lambert is a guide meant to help you with that exact problem. Click here and check it out for yourself.

This is part two of my review. Click here for part one.

The way I do my reviews is pretty simple. I write as I’m reading it to tell you what I think and I’ll be implementing what I learn along the way. (A method I learned in another Tiffany Lambert product called Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome.)

Section 1 – Balancing Your Mindset

Tiff really gets tough with you here. She wants to make sure you have the right mindset before continuing and that means taking a hard look at yourself and what you’re willing to do to succeed. I love that the focus of this chapter (and book) isn’t all money. It’s about ending each day feeling happy and accomplished which is really all I want out of life, how about you?

I love the way the tone shifts from tough to empowering. It’s a great feeling.

Part if this section is digging down to what’s going to drive you to succeed. I thought long and hard about the instructions she gave. What drives me to succeed with my online business. There were a few things.

  • Freedom and independance. I hate feeling like a burden or feeling like I’m someone’s responsibility. I want to succeed and achieve real freedom for my family.
  • I grew up as a poor child. I was overall a happy child but my family was not very well off. My mom normally worked 2-3 jobs at a time whenever she wasn’t with someone who could help pay the bills. Now that I’m an adult I’m the one making the decisions and I don’t want to have to choose between food or gas.
  • I want to go on a vacation. I’ve never been on a real vacation outside of Washington state. I want to explore new places and see amazing things.

Click here to pick up Work Life Balance Without Excuses.

There’s this one section about excuses where there is some awesome advice about vetting people before you spend money on their products. I’ve always been pretty good with checking people out before sending them my money but I know a lot of people who come to me about really bad products by people who seemed kind if iffy to start. It would be one thing if it was a $10 ebook but I’ve seen people drop $200 on a video course before checking the person out and finding out it’s just outdated PLR.

There is a little story she includes about a customer emailing her about press releases and she mentions giving them a detailed response and now I just want to know what she has to say about press releases. LOL

I’m pretty sure I found a typo on the second paragraph of page 17. It happens to the best of us but I reread that paragraph like 10 times trying to figure out what she was going for.

The next few seconds are all about learning the qualities it takes to be an entrepreneur. I think it’s really important to understand stuff like this if you’re struggling. I know I’m thinking a lot about myself and excuses I make that I didn’t realize were holding me back as much as they are.

The next big section is on balancing your business models. That’ll be in my next part of the review in the next few days.

Click here to pick up Work Life Balance Without Excuses.

I really enjoyed this section. I loved that it bounced between thought provoking, butt kicking, and empowering. One second you’ really thinking hard about something she said, then you’re feeling the weight of a mistake you’ve made, and then you’re feeling proud of how far you’ve already come. It really does help you get a perspective on everything.

There were a lot of parts that would be more effective if you happen to be a parent. I couldn’t relate to them quite as well. It’s to be expected from someone who is so obviously a devoted mother like Tiffany though.

I’m looking forward to the next section!

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  1. Interesting review of a great product. You can’t miss with a Tiffany product, can you? I like you honesty and your way of writing down your thoughts as you read her product. It’s a lot easier to write a comprehensive review that way.
    Edie Dykeman recently posted..Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym ReviewMy Profile

  2. Thanks for giving all the details Amanda. I actually really enjoy the way you’re reviewing, it’s much more detailed than just throwing a few paragraphs together about the whole book.
    Misty Spears recently posted..Kindle Book Publishing Project Update #1 – Getting StartedMy Profile

    • I know before I buy a guide I like detailed information about what I’m going to learn. The sales copy can only give you so much info and you can’t really trust sales copy most of the time.

  3. She creates awesome products and has done incredibly well, well deserved. Thanks so much for providing a great review. I admit where I struggle with at times is clarity however right now I am cutting myself some slack because I am getting ready to move in a month and there is soooo much to do and once I am settled, I am determined to soar. You will do great.
    Miriam Slozberg recently posted..Spreading the Influence with Carly Alyssa ThorneMy Profile

    • My problem came when things kept happening and I kept saying “I’ll get back on track later.” After a while I realized I was making excuses for myself. It’s important to let life take priority sometimes, but balance is important too!

  4. Work Life Balance. What a concept for a workaholic (me) 🙂 You’re doing a great review as always and have learned well from Tiffany. Looking forward to the next instalment. And I agree, “later” never comes unless it’s prioritised.

  5. I’ve been meaning to get Tiff’s book… but just don’t have the time to read it at this point. When I do, I’ll grab it through your link, Amanda.
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..The Top 10 Projects I Need to Finish This YearMy Profile

    • It’s ironic isn’t it? I had the same problem. “I don’t have the time.” That’s when Tiff said that’s what this book is about, figuring out how to make the time. Of course I didn’t listen then so I’m fixing it by listening now. lol

  6. Great review of Tiff’s product Amanda. I like all her stuff. I can’t remember if I bought this one though already. I have so much on my hard drive it’s hard to tell! I have been known to buy the same product twice – luckily a $7 ebook and not a $200 product.
    Ana recently posted..One Dating Tip We Can All Learn FromMy Profile

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