Work Life Balance Without Excuses Review Part 1 – Time to Get Things on Track

ecover_largeAmong the bloggers and internet marketers I talk to there are three big problems they seem to face (myself included) and it has nothing to do with not knowing how to make money online. They are things like:

  • Procrastination
  • Getting more done in less time
  • Staying consistent

How about you? Do you struggle with any of those? I know I sure do.

A while back Tiffany Lambert released this product called “Work Life Balance Without Excuses” and I almost picked it up right then. It just sounded so worth it. Afterall, this is the woman who went through a divorce while having tons of debt but still managed to grow her business. She didn’t just keep it running, she found ways to keep it growing.  The thing is, I didn’t pick it up. Why? Excuses.

So, fast forward a while forward and I was talking to Tiffany and she gave me a copy of the guide to go through. She could tell how bad I needed it, yet somehow I still managed to make excuses. “I’m too busy to go through this product about getting my work done without excuses.” Ironic, right?

Yesterday I got an email saying the guide was on sale for $7 (normally $17) for April 12-13 and I got to thinking… why am I letting myself make these excuses? So here I am. Not making excuses. The first step is to actually go through this product and review it.

Normally the first part of my review covers the copy and what the product promises.

Tiffany did a great job with the video on her sales copy. It’s not one of those annoying auto-starting videos and it really shows how down to earth she is. She talks a lot about why this business is important to her and why she chose to focus on the things she did. If you’ve got time, give it a listen. Even without opening the product the video kind of made me think about where my business is lacking right now.

I know it’s totally not related to the entire thing but the phrase “eat that elephant one bite at a time” freaks me out. lol Maybe it’s just the vegetarian in me? I don’t know. Just kind of made me laugh that I read it and instantly hated it.

Feel free to click here and follow along with me in the copy.

She opens up talking about how working online shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should be fun. That’s so true! I love working from home but the more busy I am and the more work there is to do the less fun it feels. There are times when it feels more like an obligation than an adventure and that’s the worst feeling for me.

“You’re home. You should be getting more done. Not less.” That quote kind of sticks with me. It’s true! We don’t have traffic, we don’t have pointless meetings to deal with… we’re at home where we should be able to get so much more done! Why does it feel like lately absolutely nothing gets done?

Now on to the bullet points…

Main PDF

  • I sure know I need to be better at getting tough on myself. I let myself slide and make excuses way too often.
  • I already wake up every morning feeling motivated. I just need to figure out how to carry that through my day.
  • I’ve gotten good at not blaming people, but I spend way too much time blaming my situation. “Life is crazy. I’m so busy.” We all know those are excuses. Even I know it when I’m making them!
  • My follow through is terrible. I have so many products 80% written but never finished and released.

Balance Your Business Models

I have a lot of business models I work with so balancing them is tough. I have a few blogs, my PLR store, some 3rd party sites I write for, and I’ve got Kindle books. I also accept clients for ghostwriting from time to time.

I’m really excited to get to this section because I’m always struggling to figure out which tasks to prioritize and how to make sure each model gets the attention it deserves.

Balance Your Promotions

Here is where I struggle more than anywhere else. It’s constantly updating my blog and emailing my list. Half the time I post here and totally forget to email out about it. That’s not good and it’s something I really need to buckle down with!

I don’t have a big issue with the social media thing. I’m pretty good at getting off of Facebook when I need to. I do end up totally ignoring G+ and Twitter though.

Balance Your Life

The first bullet point here really speaks to me. Everyone has their own type of schedule that works for them and it likely won’t work for anyone else. The key is finding what works for you and I haven’t done that yet.

Bullet two hits home as well. I’ve got a supportive significant other with me but every other member of my family thinks I just sit at home on Facebook and Netflix all day.


As a bonus she throws in a bunch of extra quick-start guides.

  • Fast Cleaning Tips – I totally need this.
  • Special Moments With Your Child – I won’t really be touching this one. I don’t have children but I know a lot of you do so this could be something important for you.
  • Keeping Yourself Healthy – My health is always something I’m working on and it takes up a lot of time. I’m interested in seeing what she has to say here.
  • Speedy Meal Tips For Marketers – The slow cooker is my best friend but I can always use more tips on how to cook without spending 3 hours in the kitchen preparing dinner.
  • Quick and Easy Self Care – I do well taking care of my health but self care is different. It’s less about your body and more about your happiness. I’m really bad at this. It feels so selfish to spend time doing things for myself when I could be working or caring for my family.

All I can really say is that this sales copy really spoke to me and I’m looking forward to opening the product up and getting started tomorrow. I already feel myself making steps. I sat down and did this even though I had tons of stuff to do around the house.

If you want to follow along during the review or this product just seems like something that could help you, click here and check it out.

I’m going to be doing daily accountability threads in my Facebook group and I invite every one of you to join in. Come in at the start of the day and post up when you plan to get done that day (or the night before if that works better for you) and at the end of the day come tell everyone what you got done and if not tell us why. It’ll be a good way to help you figure out if you’ve got a legitimate reason or it’s just another excuse.

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  1. I didn’t get this book yet because I don’t have TIME to read it. ROFL

    Sounds like we’re two peas in a pod, doesn’t it? 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..What I Learned from My First WSO Product LaunchMy Profile

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