You Know When You’re Making Excuses – Stop Holding Your Online Business Back!

excuses_nikeI know all about making excuses. There are times (like the last three weeks) where I seem to spend more time making excuses than anything else. “I work hard, I can take the day off and play video games.” “I’m too tired to get anything productive done.” “That can wait until tomorrow.” “I’m still getting over the flu.”

The thing is, I know these are excuses but I still let myself make them. How often do you get like that? You know you’re putting things off and the excuses are more than obvious but you let it slide. Well, I’ve been letting myself slide for too long. I told people my product would be out by the end of the month but it’s not ready. I was supposed to have a big Christmas food PLR pack ready on the 1st. I’m barely started. I made excuses and now I’m going to be cleaning up the mess.

So, here I am with all of this work to do and I’m already thinking it’s so much I should just get to it tomorrow, but I know that’s what got me here in the first place so I’ve decided instead to pick one task and pick a strict deadline. That’s the freebie I’ve been putting together for Azon Review Blueprint. It’s a report about how to make money writing Amazon reviews that I’m giving out to build a list. That list is where I’ll be notifying people with Azon Review Blueprint is ready.

So, the freebie WILL be ready and uploaded on the 1st. No excuses!  I also have a PLR pack that is coming out on the 2nd. It’s not the Christmas food one, but it’s a good one.

It’s so easy to just make excuse after excuse. You sit at your computer and browse Facebook and YouTube for two hours and then go “I worked hard, I deserve a break.” That’s not going to get you anywhere though. It’s going to hold you back and you’ll feel like you’re working hard and getting nowhere when in fact you’re not.

What I want to know from you is:

What is the number one excuse you make for yourself that holds you back in your business?

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  1. Ha! I can totally relate. I’ve said – it’s too late, I’m too tired, I’ll work on that tomorrow a lot lately!! ER I am almost finished with a new training course and I must stop with the excuses!
    Lisa Stoops recently posted..Facebook Marketing: 10 Ways To Build Targeted Likes For FreeMy Profile

  2. I will work on that tomorrow…….. Then tomorrow comes and I start working on something else. lol

    It happens to us all at some point. Glad that you have been able to push through it. I know that you will hit that 1st of the month deadline too.

    Good luck 🙂
    Victoria Virgo recently posted..What is Your Elevator Pitch? – The Important Art of Explaining What You Do Clearly and ConciselyMy Profile

  3. Hi, Amanda…My favorite excuse is usually, “Gee, I don’t want to waste time working on this in case it doesn’t amount to anything.”

    And, yes, it’s usually just a procrastination device when I don’t really “feel” like working, ha ha.
    Becky@Green Mountain Writer recently posted..Gift ideas PLR articlesMy Profile

  4. I was so happy to see a post like this. It’s been hard for be to get back into the groove of blogging for a while. Fortunately, I was able to get started on a new adventure. I feel that excuses can really bring me down. So, I’m going to try really hard to stay consistent.
    Vincent Paul recently posted..Two Inspiring Quotes Every Marketer Should KnowMy Profile

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