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Patrick Wind Course

Patrick wind is actually the CEO of He has being teaching and bringing tools and online support to thousands of business people that made their business grow with advanced advertising on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Learn how to manage your ads with Patrick Winds capacitation

After failing three times in a row with his own e-commerce stores Wind learned the hard way that marketing requires more than just attracting a lot of traffic to your website.

Wind has been nominated by Forbes 30 under 30 by his numerous courses and methods that he tested to attract new audience through a design of advanced advertisings and convincing posts. Learn from Patrick Wind Course

Motivated by his desire of learning and dominating everything related with e-commerce Wind invested three million euros on 120 different brands. These brands gave him back a profit of ten point four million euros on online selling’s for them.

His marketing strategies are being implemented by international brands like, ASICS, DiamondSupplyCo. And Bioderma. He also work with some of the most rated startups of Europe like Holaluz, Meller and 21Buttons.

Patrick Wind Ads Accelerator Course

His vision with AdsAccelerator is to democratize advanced abilities in the area of Digital Marketing and KnowHow.

Wind indicates in most of his courses that you should not worry about traffic price but the quality of this traffic and it doesn’t matter if it is more expensive or not because if the traffic is interacting properly with your content and your website it is a good signal that you are implementing the right method to catch more customers

Another important thing that Wind always clarifies through his courses is that we need more conversions to receive better incomes. 

Changing visitors into possible customers, in this way your business can be more productive and your earnings will be higher while you are getting more people interested in your product or services.